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Second International Conference on Music and Gesture

Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester (UK)
20-23 July 2006


The programme committee reserves the right to make changes to the
programme if necessary

Thursday 20 July 2006

1200-1400		Registration
1400-1415		Welcome
Anthony Gritten & Elaine King (Conference organisers)

1415-1530 Keynote Address
John Rink (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK)
Title tbc

1530-1600		Tea/coffee

1600-1800		Symposium and Thematic Sessions

Session 1		Symposium: Crosscultural Experiences

Laura Leante: 'Gesture and signification in North Indian Music'

Martin Clayton: 'Analysing musical sound and gesture'

Matt Rahaim: 'Gesture, melody and raga in Hindustani vocal music'

Gina Andrea Fatone: 'Crossmodal imagery and the transmission of

Session 2		Audio-Visual Reactions

Matthew McDonald: 'Death and the donkey: Adorno.s Schubert and Au Hasard,

Shersten Johnson: '"and then it hit me": Inspiration as gesture'

Sonja Bayerlein & Gunter Kreutz: 'Where music and drama meet: Gesture in
Strauss/Hofmannsthal's operas'

Yayoi Uno Everett: 'The role of calligraphy in modeling musical gestures
in the late works by Chou Wen-Chung'

Session 3		Computational Representations

Hallgjerd Aksnes: 'Between soma and psyche: Music, motion and emotion'

David Topper & Peter Swendsen: 'PAIR and WISEAR: Wireless dance/media

Makiko Sadakata et al.: 'Learning expressive performance of short musical
rhythms with real-time visual feedback'

Alexander Refsum Jensenius: 'Developing tools for analysing musical

1815.1930 Keynote Address
Luke Windsor (University of Leeds, UK)
'Retrieving expressive gestures from performance'

1930			Dinner

Friday 21 July 2006

0930-1030 Keynote Address
Stephanie Jordan (University of Roehampton, UK)
'Stravinsky and the choreomusical gesture'

1030-1100		Tea/coffee

1100-1230		Symposium & Thematic Sessions

Session 4		Robert Hatten Symposium I [sponsored by The
			Society for Music Analysis]

Timothy Jones: 'Troping as a sign of reciprocity in Mozart's Piano

Stephen Rumph: 'Between gesture and language in Mozart'

Yonatan Malin: 'Metric impulses and melodic contour: Applications and
extensions for Hatten's theory of musical gesture'

Session 5		The Clarinet [Lecture-demonstrations]

Neil Pennock: 'Harmonic expression in Brahms's clarinet chamber music' [45

Ian Mitchell: 'The derivation of contemporary performing techniques' [45

Session 6		Stravinsky's Gestures

Anders Bonde: 'Ambiguity as an essential aesthetic principle in musical
listening: An aporetic relation between discontinuity and coherence in
Stravinsky's Symphonies of Wind Instruments'

Jeremy Cox: 'Figure and ground: Gesture and the collapsing of rhetorical
"depth of field" in selected works by Stravinsky'

Michael Christoforidis: 'Igor Stravinsky, Picasso and the Mediterranean
collage of "Madrid"'

1230-1330		Lunch

1330-1445 Keynote Address
Colwyn Trevarthen (University of Edinburgh, UK)
'Innate rhythm and melody in movements of communication: How infants'
gestures express thoughts and emotion, and seek engagement with others'

1500-1600		Symposium & Thematic Sessions

Session 7		Robert Hatten Symposium II [sponsored by The
			Society for Music Analysis]

Tiina Koivisto: 'Gesture and syntax.Gestural syntax: Approaches to
nontonal music'

Edward Venn: 'Negotiating the labyrinth: Act II of Sir Michael Tippett's
The Knot Garden

Session 8		Agency and Semiotics

Roger Graybill: 'Whose gestures?: Chamber music and the construction of
permanent agents'

Ole Kühl: 'The semiotic gesture'

Session 9		The Eighteenth Century

Jed Wentz: 'Gesture, tempo and the expression of the passions in
18th-century French Opera'

Alan Maddox: 'The rhetoric of vocal gesture: Towards a theory of
recitative performance in 17th- and 18th-century Italian music'

1600-1630		Tea/coffee

1630-1745 Keynote Address
Elisabeth Le Guin (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)
'Heroes and antiheroes from behind a cello'

1800-1900		Pre-dinner Recital
Schubert, Die schöne Müllerin, performed by Thomas Schulze and Simon Lane

1930			Dinner

Saturday 22 July 2006 (morning)

0900-1030		Symposium and Thematic Sessions

Session 10		Modelling Gesture I

Louise Campbell et al.: 'Different approaches towards the understanding of
expressive movements of clarinettists'

Bradley Vines et al.: 'Variation in clarinettists' expressive physical
gestures and their emotional impact for observers'

Sofia Dahl: 'Perception of expressive gestures in music performance'

Session 11		Popular Musics I

Peter Elsdon: 'Air guitar and the music of Sigur Rós'

Paul Carr & Richard Hand: 'Twist n' frugg in an arrogant gesture: Frank
Zappa and the musical-theatrical gesture'

Jill Halstead: 'Not just greasy kids' stuff: The body and the sound of

Session 12		Mozart's Gestures I

Samuel Breene: 'Action and expression in Mozart's violin sonatas'

Erica Heisler Buxbaum: 'Form, genre and gesture: The minuets in Mozart's
last symphonies and string quartets'

Mauro Botelho: 'Grief and denial in Mozart's Piano Sonata in A minor'

1030-1100		Tea/coffee

1100-1200		Symposium and Thematic Sessions

Session 13		Modelling Gesture II

Nicolas Rasamimanana & Frederic Bevilacqua: 'Studies of bowing gesture and
applications to music performance'

Matthieu Evrard et al.: 'Musical gestures and motion format in VR
multisensory context'

Session 14		Interactions in Performance I

Clemens Wöllner: 'Perceiving conductors' gestures from three different
angles: Continuous response and quantitative movement analyses'

Jennifer Lanipekun: 'How do directors interact with their performers?'

Session 15		Mozart's Gestures II

Norton Dudeque: 'Schoenberg's analysis of Mozart's gestures in the
Dissonance quartet, K. 465'

Adeline Mueller: 'Mozart's balletic gestures: Choreographic topoi in

1215-1315		Lunchtime Concert
A programme of contemporary organ music played by Kevin Bowyer
Gerald Barry, The Chair
Iannis Xenakis, gmeeoorh
Chris Dench, Compostella Finisterre
Bill Hopkins, Nouvelle Étude hors Série
Anthony Gilbert, Halifenu Vine Dance [for organ and prerecorded organ]

1315-1445		Lunch and Poster Viewing Session
[poster presenters will be on hand to discuss their work during this time]

Saturday 22 July 2006 (afternoon)

1445-1615		Thematic Sessions

Session 16		The Twentieth Century

Nirmali Fenn: 'Sound, image and gesture in Maxwell Davies's Vesalii Icones'

Aleksandra Vojcic: 'Gesture as programme: "Cuckoo clock" metaphors and 
time stretching in Birtwistle's Harrison Clocks'

Roddy Hawkins: 'Repetition/expression: Notions of gesture in Sciarrino's
solo flute works'

Session 17		Interactions in Performance II

Marilyn Blank & Jane Davidson: '"Nod when you're ready": An investigation
into the gestures used by co-performers during rehearsal and performance'

William Forde Thompson & Frank Russo: 'Preattentive integration of visual
and auditory dimensions of music'

Tommi Himberg: 'The role of visual and auditory communication channels in
musical interaction'

Session 18		Philosophical Approaches I

Eldritch Priest: 'Virtual sensibility and the phenomenal stutter'

Vanessa Hawes: 'Calculating musical gestures: Meyer and information theory 
as a model for musical communication'

Anne Marshman: 'Engaging the listener: A Bakhtinian approach to musical

1615-1645		Tea/coffee

1645-1845		Thematic Sessions

Session 19		Modelling Gesture III

Frederik Styns, Leon van Noorden, Marc Leman: 'Some basic observations on
how people move on music and how they relate music to movement'

Alicia Peñalba: 'The "compensation movement hypothesis": A conceptual
demonstration of virtual action based on O'Regan and Noë's sensorimotor
contingencies theory'

Lawrence Zbikowski: 'Musical gesture and musical grammar: A cognitive

Rolf Inge Godøy: 'Coarticulated gestural/sonorous objects in music'

Session 20		At The Piano

James Olsen: 'Stravinsky's claws'

Sean Malone: 'Much ado about humming: Gesture, imagery and meaning in the
performances of Glenn Gould'

Sara Gross: 'Scarlatti and the Spanish body: On cultural influence in the
keyboard works of Domenico Scarlatti'

Mine Dogantan-Dack: '"In the beginning" was gesture: Initiatory 
performance movements'

Session 21		Dance

Rachel Duerden: 'Physical and acoustic gestures and the concept of
"Mickey-Mousing" in choreography, with reference to Mark Morris's Falling
Down Stairs'

Sarah Gutsche-Miller: 'Neoclassicism in Ravel's and Balanchine's Le
Tombeau de Couperin'

Helena Hammond: 'A purposeful pastiche: Gestural relationships in Richard
Rodney Bennett's Isadora'

Simon Zagorski Thomas: 'Spotlighting gesture: Shaping sound through record
production to highlight gestural meaning in music intended for dance'

1930			Conference Banquet

Sunday 23 July 2006

0930-1100 Thematic Sessions

Session 22		Percussion

Michael Schutz & Michael Kubovy: 'Percussive gestures'

Mary Broughton, Kate Stevens & Stephen Malloch: 'Notation, embodied
cognition and communication: Movement and gesture in expressive marimba

Philip Duker: 'Disembodied sounds and silent gestures: Making sense of
Georges Aperghi's Les guetteurs de sons

Session 23		Popular Musics II

Esperanza Miyaki: 'The action of singing: Queer embodiments of camp

Marko Aho: 'A case study of extrasemantic meaning/making in the singing of
Olavi Virta'

Rebecca Guy: 'The flute as vehicle for generic gesture'

Session 24		Philosophical Approaches II

Naomi Waltham-Smith: 'Speechlessness in late Beethoven'

Sander van Maas: .Musical gesture and the limits of continuism.

Kimberly Lockwood: 'Musical gestures: Understanding music as
ostensive-inferential communication'

1100.1130		Tea/coffee

1130.1300		Symposium and Thematic Sessions

Session 25 		Symposium: The Work of Robert Hatten [sponsored by
The Society for				Music Analysis]
Author's response and round-table
Robert Hatten
Timothy Jones
Stephen Rumph
Yonatin Malin
Tiina Koivisto
Edward Venn

Session 26		Musical Development

Andrew Mathers: 'The role of proprioception in the development of
expressive conducting gestures'

William Bauer: 'Caught in the act of learning: What can the rhythm of a
ball's bounce and recovery reveal about college-level music theory
students' cognitive development?'

Karin Greenhead: 'The role of movement in the development of musical
behaviour from infant to adult, from beginner to professional musician'

Session 27		Gestures Across History

Daniel Leech-Wilkinson: 'Portamento and musical meaning'

Jeremy Llewellyn: '"Intendendo et remittendo": The rise and fall of
gestural conceptions of music in the early Middle Ages'

Rachel Hocking: 'Preserving meaning: Indigenous music and dance in
Australian theatre'

1300-1400		Lunch and Departure

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