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National Graduate Conference for Ethnomusicology: New Directions in Music Studies

Music Faculty, West Road, University of Cambridge, 7-9 July 2006

You are warmly invited to participate in the first ever national graduate
student conference for ethnomusicology in the UK. This three-day
residential conference will be held at the University of Cambridge Music
Faculty, co-sponsored by CRASSH and supported by the British Forum for
Ethnomusicology. It will provide an unprecedented forum in the UK for
graduate students in ethnomusicology to meet, discuss, and network with
graduates from other disciplines interested in the relationship between
music and culture. We aim to establish a productive and friendly
environment for graduate students in all areas of music research and
performance with an interest in ethnomusicology.

We hope to explore new and interdisciplinary ways of doing music research,
and how methodologies or theories from disciplines beyond
music/ethnomusicology can be applied to the study of the world's musical
cultures. We are also keen to explore new methods and formats of
presenting research, such as film, lecture-demonstrations, multimedia, the
integration of performance and spoken discourse, and so on.

On Friday 7 July there will be the opportunity to attend a concert by the
Gamelan Society at the Faculty of Music, organised by Robert Campion.


Katherine Brown (University of Cambridge)
Iain Foreman (University of London) 
David Irving (University of Cambridge)

Keynote Speaker:

Louise Meintjes (Duke University)
"The Unwavering Voice and Disintegrating Body: Ethnomusicology in a Time
of AIDS" (Friday 7 @ 4.15).

Louise Meintjes is associate professor of music and cultural 
anthropology at Duke University. She is the author of Sound of Africa! 
Making Music Zulu in a South African Studio (Duke University Press, 
2003) and is currently working on a manuscript titled Dust of the Zulu: 
Ngoma Song, Dance and Masculinity in the Post Apartheid Struggle. Her 
recent awards include the 2005 Jaap Kunst prize from the Society for 
Ethnomusicology for her article "Shoot the Sergeant, Shatter the 
Mountain: The Production of Masculinity in Zulu Ngoma Song and Dance in 
post Apartheid South Africa" published in Ethnomusicology Forum (13/2, 

Included alongside Louise Meintjes on the Conference Roundtable "New
Directions in Music Studies" (Saturday 8 @ 2.30) will be Georgina Born
(anthropology) and Ian Cross (music and science), both of the University
of Cambridge.

The preliminary programme for the whole conference, including abstracts,
is up on the conference website:

At the bottom of the page you can find information about travel to and 
around Cambridge, as well as information about accommodation before and 
after the conference if you need it.

Contact: Dr Katherine Brown, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge 

Dr Katherine Brown
Research Fellow and Tutor
Corpus Christi College
Trumpington Street
Cambridge  CB2 1RH
Tel: +44 1223 764007/767003

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