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Royal Musical Association, Forty-Second Annual Conference

University of Nottingham, 11-14 July 2006

The 42nd Annual Conference of the Royal Musical Association will be
hosted by the Music Department at the University of Nottingham. The
conference theme will be Music and Visual Cultures. Please note that
the conference will take place slightly earlier in the year than
usual, so as to fall during the summer conference season.

Address of the department:
Department of Music
University of Nottingham
University Park
Nottingham NG7 2RD

Tel: (+44)(0)115 951 4755

For further details, please see

Provisional Programme

All meals, and tea and coffee, will be served in the Dining Room at Hugh
Stewart Hall. The hall bar will be open until 1am every night.

Rosemary Dooley's bookstall ( will be open
in the Dining Room during the conference.

Parallel sessions (at Hugh Stewart Hall unless otherwise indicated):

A in the Library
B in the Common Room

Tuesday afternoon


A 	Brahms, Bruckner, Strauss	

1. Inge van RIJ (Victoria University of Wellington)
"All art is the same and speaks the same language": Brahms's song
collections and the graphic cycles of Max Klinger	

2. Nicholas ATTFIELD (St Catherine's College Oxford)
Bruckner's "Farewell to Life"?: Auflösung and the Absolute in Ernst 
Kurth's Reading of the Adagio of the Ninth Symphony

3. David LARKIN (Christ's College, Cambridge)
"Deeds of Music [almost] made Visible": Realisations of the Extra-Musical
in Strauss's Tone Poems	

B	Landscapes 1

1. Fiona RICHARDS (Open University)
Illawarra Music

2. Juliette APPOLD (University of Leipzig)
Nineteenth-Century Landscape Perception and Mendelssohn

3. Helena TYRVÄINEN (Musicology, University of Helsinki)
Uuno Klami's orchestral suites Sea Pictures and Pictures from Country
Life: pictorialism, identity and orchestral style TEA

A 	French Exoticism and Festivity	

1. Gurminder BHOGAL (Wellesley College)
  Bejwelled Divinity and Exotic Fantasy in Delibes's Lakmé (1883)

2. Michael CHRISTOFORIDIS (University of Melbourne)
Memories of the Alhambra: Fin-de-siècle Paris and musical evocations of 

3. David CODE (University of Glasgow)
Carnival and Ceremony: Rehearing the Festivities in Debussy's Fêtes.

B	Urbanization and Postmodernism

1. Simon WARNER (University of Leeds)
Cover Versions: How Pop Art shaped the rock album sleeve

2. David WONG (Open University)
Western classical music and urban geography in Sabah, Malaysia

3. Germán GIL-CURIEL (University of Nottingham, Ningbo) 
The Confluence of Music, Literature and Cinema: a Comparative Approach to
the Aesthetics of Death in Tous les Matins du Monde

18.30: DINNER


Wednesday morning

A 	Film and Appropriation

1. Matthew MCDONALD (University of Exeter)
Death and the Donkey: Adorno's Schubert and Au Hasard, Balthazar

2. Annette DAVISON (University of Edinburgh)
Locating the "jazz" in the music for A Streetcar Named Desire

3. Pieter SCHOONDERWOERD (University of Nottingham)
Zwartboek - A cross-cultural exposition in film-scoring	

B	German Romanticism

1. Susan K. De GHIZE (University of Denver)
Goethe's Farbenlehre and Nineteenth-Century Music Theory

2. Matthew RILEY (University of Birmingham)
Musical Landscapes of the Fantastic and the Uncanny in E. T. A. Hoffmann's
Lebensansichten des Katers Murr COFFEE

A 	Twentieth-Century French Music

1. Colin ROUST (University of Michigan)
The Lost Years: Georges Auric's Film Scores of the 1930s and 1940s

2. Michael BAUMGARTNER (University of British Columbia)
Reinventing the Musical Comedy: Michel Legrand, Jean-Luc Godard, Jacques

3. Wai Ling CHEONG (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Twelve-tone painting of nature in Messiaen's Catalogue d'oiseaux

B	Modernity and Historicism

1. Gwendolyn TIETZE (SPNM, London)
Medieval music in the 1920s: art history and the "unity of the arts"

2. Andrew TIMMS (Worcester College, Oxford)
Examining Musical Modernity

3. Hugh MacDONALD (Washington University, St Louis)
Modernisms That Failed

13.00: LUNCH

Wednesday afternoon

A 	Installations

1. Holly ROGERS (University College Dublin)
Beyond the frame: music and image in video installation art

2. Nikki DIBBEN (University of Sheffield)
Cybjörk: the role of the visual in the music of Björk

3. Laura DOLP (Wellesley College)
"Body into Sky": Arvo Pärt's Lamentate and Anish Kapoor's Marsyas

B	Staging, Sources, Texts

1. Arnold JACOBSHAGEN (Bayreuth)
Staging Grand Opéra in nineteenth century Paris: Louis Palianti and the
myth of the original mise en scène

2. Roy JOHNSTON (Independent Scholar)
Carl Rosa and the gilded elephants: the genesis, decline and resurrection 
of a provincial opera house 

3. Barry COOPER (University of Manchester)
An Unrecorded Music Collection in Wales TEA

A 	Brokeback Mountain
1. Michael LONG (SUNY, Buffalo)
Slow-dancing on Brokeback Mountain

2. Paula HIGGINS (University of Nottingham)
Stemm(ing) the Rose: The Queer Politics of Rufus Wainwright's The Maker

B	Twentieth-Century Opera

1. Mark AUDUS (University of Nottingham)
"A realistic expression of the locality": Janácek's revisions to folk
passages in Jenufa

2. Nathan SEINEN (Clare College, Cambridge)
Buffered by buffa?: Prokofiev's Betrothal in a Monastery

17.30: Dent paper (Library)
Chair: John Deathridge
Julian Johnson (St Anne's College, Oxford): Title TBA

18.30: DINNER

20.00: Concert (DH Lawrence Theatre)
Sharona Joshua (fortepiano): programme TBA, to include music by
C. P. E. Bach, Mozart and Beethoven


Thursday morning


A 	German Film	

1. Markus BANDUR (University of Freiburg)
On-screen music synchronisation in German silent film

2. Fiona FORD (University of Nottingham)
Mutiny on a Chinese Train: Composed sound effects in Edmund Meisel's score
for Ilya Trauberg's The Blue Express

3. Peter FRANKLIN (St Catherine.s College, Oxford)
Booing the Infanta, and the musical genealogy of Hollywood's "romanticism"

B	Iconography

1. Paul GLADSTON (University of Nottingham Ningbo)
Breaking the Silence: Musical "Dismissal" in the Paintings of Johannes

2. Tim SHEPHARD (University of Nottingham)
Rebus - Synthesis - Dionysus: the Bacchanal of the Andrians

3. Debra PRING (Goldsmiths)
Chastity and the Haute-Contre: Music iconology in Stoskopff's Still-life
with Etching by Rembrandt COFFEE

A 	Voice and German Modernism

1. Carola DARWIN (University of Sheffield)
The Other point of view: gender and autonomy in Strauss' Salome

2. Nanette NIELSEN (University of East Anglia)
"Should politics be sung?": voice and ethics in Bekker and Weill

B	Temporality in late Twentieth Century Music

1. Jeremy BARHAM (University of Surrey)
Temporal Relations in Music and Screen Media

2. Maarten BEIRENS (University of Leuven)
Non-narrative approaches to musical and dramatic structure in minimal
music-related music theatre by Michael Nyman and Steve Reich

13.00: LUNCH

Thursday afternoon

A 	Landscapes 2

1. Danae STEFANOU (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Paradigms and Parables on how Music becomes Landscape

2. Tomi MÄKELÄ (Magdeburg)
The Nordic Landscape and Sibelius in the Context of the Cultural Geography

3. Elizabeth KERTESZ (University of Melbourne)
"A part of English nature": Ethel Smyth, weather and the landscape

B	Early Music

1. Alexandra BUCKLE (Magdalen College, Oxford)
Music and Iconography in Richard Beauchamp's Chantry Chapel

2. Kate MAXWELL (University of Glasgow)
"Quant jeus tout recorde par ordre": the visual presentation of the music
in Guillaume de Machaut's Remede de Fortune

3. Stephen RICE (Wolfson College, Oxford)
Musical Aesthetics in Motets of the "Generation in-between", c. 1525-1550 TEA

A 	Wagner

1. Thomas GREY (Stanford University)
Wagner and the style Makart

2. Katherine SYER (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Digital Dreams: Wagner and 21st-Century Technology

B	Sondheim

1. Lois KIVESTO (Scarborough, Ontario)
"Sunday in the Park with George": The First Collaboration of Stephen
Sondheim and James Lapine

2. Freda CHAPPLE (University of Sheffield)
Performing Sondheim today: music theatre, cinema, art and digital media

17.30: KEYNOTE LECTURE (DH Lawrence Theatre)
Chair: Paula Higgins
Annette Richards (Cornell University): Title TBA

18.30: Wine Reception (Aqua café, Lakeside)

20.00: CONFERENCE DINNER (Dining Room)

Friday morning

A	Representation and Meaning in Eighteenth-Century Opera

1. Michele CABRINI (Hunter College)
"But, what do I see, what do I hear?": Representing Storms in late 17th-
and early 18th-century France

2. Peter A. HOYT (University of South Carolina)
Monostatos, the Recumbent Pamina, and Eighteenth-Century Comic Art

3. Berta JONCUS, (St Catherine.s College, Oxford)
"Of all the Arts that sooth": Imaging Kitty Clive (1711-1785)

B	Music, Cosmology, Identity

1. Senem ACAR (Istanbul Technical University)
Whirling Dervishes:  Cosmic Reference to the Absolute Divine Unity in
Music and Movement

2. Guangming LI (China Conservatory, Beijing; University of California,
Los Angeles)
The effect of Inharmonic and Harmonic Spectra in Javanese Gamelan Tuning
(2): A Theory of the Pélog

3. Tsan-huang TSAI (Nanhua University, Taiwan)
Reconstructing the Cosmological Landscape of Mythical China - The Case
Study of the Chinese Seven-stringed Zither COFFEE

A 	Latin Colonialism

1. David IRVING (Clare College Cambridge)
Music in regulations, reforms and controversies of the church in
18th-century Manila

2. Henry MacCARTHY (Ohio University)
Visualizing the Americas: Spanish Musical Theater and the Colonial

3. Caroline RAE (University of Cardiff)
Alejo Carpentier and the Promotion of New Music in pre-Revolutionary Cuba

B	Experimental Music

1. Christopher HOBBS (Coventry University)
"Well, it's a vertebrate": The Paradigms of Graphic Notation

2. Bruce COATES (University of Birmingham)
Relationships between Visual Art and Free Improvisation

3. Virginia ANDERSON (Experimental Music Catalogue)
"Just the job for that lazy Sunday afternoon": British Readymades, Systems
Music and The Visual Arts

13.00: LUNCH

A 	Australian Landscapes

1. Linda KOUVARAS (University of Melbourne)
Music, Identity and Landscape: Tropes of The Outback in Two Contemporary
Australian Compositions

2. Alan MADDOX (University of Sydney) and Michael WEARING (University of
New South Wales)
Landscape, music and memory: discourses of moral improvement in the 
British Empire's Gulag

3. Dennis LEO (University of Nottingham)
The Earth Crying: Australian Music, Australian Landscape, Australian

B       German Romanticism 	

1. Elizabeth KRAMER (University of West Georgia)
Authenticity in Visual Art, Authenticity in Music: Raphael's
Transfiguration and Mozart's Requiem in German Aesthetics of the Early
Nineteenth Century

2. Jonathan KREGOR (Harvard University)
From Partition to Hausmusik: Franz Liszt's Symphonie fantastique and the
Berlin firm of A. M. Schlesinger

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