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Sound Effects: the Oral/Aural Dimensions of Literatures in English

University of St Andrews, 5-8 July 2006

Please note an extension to the deadline for proposals for papers.
These will now be considered if received by the 31st of December
2005. Also speakers now include Derek Attridge, Douglas Dunn, John
Miles Foley, Andy Orchard, Patricia Parker and Don Paterson.

This is the third of an occasional series of conferences organised
   by the School of English at St Andrews University on the media in
   history as a context for literary interpretation. Previous events
   have been The Renaissance Computer (1998) and Re-marking the Text
   (2001), which was itself part of a series of conferences on the
   history of the book presented at Trinity College, Cambridge and
   York. The aim of the present conference is to extend our discussion
   of the literary media from script and printed text back to the most
   fundamental medium of all: speech. Products of the modern electronic
   media are beyond the scope of the conference, though discussion of
   the ways in which these may throw light on earlier forms of
   communication are welcomed.

Papers are invited in any of the following areas: orality and
   literacy; oral transmission; orality and performance; orality and
   print; memory and mnemonic systems; metrics; rhyme; oral formulaic
   poetry; orality and the dramatic text; folk ballads; street ballads;
   street cries and other commercial patter; speech-making and oratory;
   elocution; recitation; speech and education; literary and salon
   readings; religious contexts for the spoken word; speech act theory
   and literary texts.

Proposals for papers (about 200 words) lasting no longer than 20
   minutes should be sent to the organisers by 31 December 2005.
   Further details will also be available at The
   conference organisers are Chris Jones and Neil
   Rhodes Proposals may also be sent to Sound
   Effects Conference, School of English, University of St Andrews,
   Scotland KY16 9AL.

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