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Second Annual Art of Record Production Conference (ARP 2006)

University of Edinburgh, 8-10 September 2006

The Second Annual Art of Record Production Conference will take place in
the University of Edinburgh from September 8-10 2006. The conference will
be hosted by Professor Simon Frith and the proceedings will be published
on-line. Papers will be selected after peer review by an international
panel of academics.

Papers are invited on all aspects of record production but we are  
particularly interested in work on:

      the history of record production

      the language of record production (or communication in the studio)

      the studio as space and place

      producers and production of non-Western and non-pop music

      sound design

      the production of live music

      production and experimental music (or music and experimental  

      dance music production

      record production as a career and occupation

Proposals for individual papers and poster presentations should not exceed
300 words.

Proposals for panels should include the names and brief CVs of all panel
members and their individual contributions and should not exceed 1000

Proposals should be submitted electronically to:

The deadline for submissions is Friday 19th May 2006.

Music Tank will shortly be announcing two further Art Of Record Production
events to be held in London this summer. A symposium discussing the
application of popular music production techniques to classical music will
be followed by an industry event dealing with the producer's role in and
interaction with the business environment.

Simon Zagorski-Thomas
London College of Music
Thames Valley University
tel: +44-(0)20 8231 2380
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