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The North German Organ and its Repertoire

University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, September 22-30, 2006

Following the installation of the new organ by Jürgen Ahrend Orgelbau
in the Rozsa Centre, the University of Calgary will hold a Festival
and Symposium in September this year.
The Symposium Schedule follows at the end of this announcement.

Festival: Sep 22 - 30, 2006

Performers include: John Butt, Simon Preston, Luc Beauséjour, Neil
Cockburn, Janet Youngdahl, and the Calgary Bach Festival Orchestra and

Symposium: Sep 28-Oct 1, 2006 Keynote speakers: John Butt - University of Glasgow, Scotland; Darcy Kuronen - Curator of Musical Instruments, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Paper presenters from Canada, USA, Ireland, and Switzerland Symposium topics: The North German organ and its repertoire; The Cantos Music Foundation collection of Musical Instruments - The Symposium Schedule follows at the end of this announcement.
Master-classes: Sep 27, 28, and 30, 2006 Master-classes will be given by John Butt, John Grew, and Luc Beauséjour. Students are invited to apply to participate in the classes. An application form is available at the above web link.
For information about concert tickets, Symposium registration, or master-class participation, please visit our web site. Neil Cockburn The Cantos Music Foundation Organ Scholar Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Music University of Calgary
Symposium Schedule Pre-Symposium events (not included in Registration fees) Wednesday Sep 27 3-5pm - Master-class: Luc Beauséjour at the Ahrend Organ 8pm - Concert: John Grew at the Ahrend Organ Thursday Sep 28 2pm - Symposium Opening Speeches 2.30pm - Introduction to the Ahrend Organ 3.30pm - Coffee 4-6pm - Master-class: John Butt at the Ahrend Organ 8pm - Concert: Neil Cockburn at the Ahrend Organ Friday Sep 29 9.30am - Introduction to the Cantos Music Museum (Andrew Mosker) "The Cantos Music Collection - New Streams of Discovery, Connectivity and Accessibility." 10.30am - Keynote Lecture: Darcy Kuronen, Curator of Musical Instruments, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 11.30am - Tour of the Cantos Music Museum 12.30pm - Lunch 1.45pm - Presentation: "In the King^Òs Image: the Electric and Electronic Organ." - Robert Hall: Laurentian University, Sudbury, ON 2.45pm - Coffee 3.15pm - Paper Session. "Genre and Germanness." - Christopher Dawes, Toronto, ON "Mattheson, the Toccata, and the Pyrotechnics of Deception." - Paul Collins, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, Ireland "Matthias Weckmann and the Italians: a Window into the Evolution of the North German Organ Style." - Wendy Markosky, Canadian University College, Lacombe, AB 8pm - Concert: John Butt at the Ahrend Organ Saturday Sep 30 9.30-11.30am - Master-class: John Grew at the Létourneau Organ, Mount Royal College 12noon - Lunch 1pm - Keynote Lecture: John Butt, University of Glasgow, Scotland. 2.15pm - Paper Session. "'De pronuntiatione prooemii.' Or. A Defense of the Application of Classical Principles of Rhetoric to Performance and Registration Considerations for the Exordium Section of Dietrich Buxtehude's Free Praeludia and Toccatas." - Matthew Provost, McGill University, Montreal, QC "The Chorale Partita - an encyclopedic catalogue of baroque improvisation practice." - Kola Owolabi, Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY "Narrative and Rhetorical Strategies to the Interpretation of Buxtehude's Fugues." - Leon W. Couch III, Petrie School of Music, Converse College, SC, USA 3.45pm - Coffee 4.15pm - Paper Session. "Claudio Merulo in the German Tablature of Turin: the Problem of the Sources." - Luigi Collarile, University of Basle, Switzerland "Central German Intabulation Sources as a Guide to Motet Accompaniment in the Seventeenth Century" - Moira Hill, University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN, USA 5.15pm - Panel Discussion 8pm - Festival Closing Concert: Simon Preston conducts the Bach Festival Society Choir and Orchestra, with Luc Beauséjour, organ, and Janet Youngdahl, Soprano. Sunday Oct 1 10.30am - Symposium Brunch 12 noon - Symposium ends.
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