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The Functional and Autonomous in Music: Patterns and Meanings

Musicological Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 19-20 October 2006

The Institute of Musicology at the Scientific Research Centre of the
Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts gives notice of its customary
triennial international musicological conference entitled Functional
and Autonomous in Music: Patterns and Meanings, which will be held at
the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Ljubljana from 19 to 20
October 2006.

The main purpose of the conference is to examine nineteenth-century
music in Slovenia and its cultural context, as well as to relate it to
European music as a whole. Even though artistic values took second
place to national and social ones in Slovenian music of the nineteenth
century, this period was of key importance for its history. The
distinctions between "functional" (or utilitarian) and "autonomous"
music, and between amateur and professional music-making, made
themselves increasingly felt during the period under discussion. The
time-frame and region implied by the title of the conference are not
intended to be a restriction, but form, rather, a point of departure
for observing the relationship between the "functional" and
the "autonomous" in music - in both the descriptive and the normative
senses of these words - as they affect all aspects of the musical work
(production, reproduction, reception etc.) in different periods and
over the whole of Europe. By discussing the topic from a wide range
of  theoretical and historical perspectives (music history, music
theory, sociology of music, psychology of music, ethnomusicology and
other human and social sciences), it will be possible to place
Slovenian music culture of the nineteenth century in a broader,
pan-European context. Suggested areas for papers (although other
proposals are also welcome) are:

*	The "functional" and "autonomous" in the music of past centuries
*	"Pure" and "applied" music in nineteenth-century Europe
*	The musical culture of the middle-classes
*	Amateurism and professionalism
*	Musical reception during the nineteenth century
*	Folk and popular music as a source of inspiration for art music
*	Critical evaluation of music related to the theme
*	Music and cultural politics

The official languages of the conference are Slovene, English and
German. Papers from the conference will be published in 2007 in the
conference proceedings within the institute's series De musica

Muzikoloski institut ZRC SAZU
p.p. 306
SI-1001 Ljubljana

Dr. Metoda Kokole (Head of the Institute of musicology)
Dr. Natasa Cigoj Krstulovic (For the Organising committee)

Further information can be obtained from Dr. Natasa Cigoj Krstulovic,
Institute of Musicology, by e-mail: or fax + 386 1

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