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Musicological Society of Australia, 29th National conference
Music as Local Tradition and Regional Practice

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Musicological Society of Australia, Twenty-Ninth National Conference
University of New England, Armidale, Australia, 27 September - 1 October 2006

The draft program of the 29th National Conference of the MSA is now
available for download at the conference web site www.une.edu.au/music/MSAconf/.

Any questions from delegates and those intending to attend the
conference concerning the program and the conference should be
addressed to jason.stoessel@une.edu.au or conference@msa.org.au.

"At present, the study of regions and localities has helped in some
acknowledged and many more hidden ways to sustain a long and productive
period of deconstructing many heretofore-existing historical narratives --
It remains to be seen how a focus on the regional level of experience can
help us once again to think big." Celia Applegate, The American
Historical Review 104, p. 1182

Each year the Musicological Society of Australia Inc. hosts a National
Conference featuring the latest research in music and music related fields
by national and international researchers. In 2006, the 29th National
Conference of the MSA will be held in Armidale, at the University of New
England, Australia from 27th September to 1st October. This conference is
convened by the Northern NSW Chapter of the MSA. The conference draws on
the unique nature of its co-host, the University of New England, which is
the oldest regional university in Australia. The 2006 National Conference
of the Musicological Society of Australia explores the role that music
plays in defining traditions and cultures at a local and regional level.
Highlights of the conference will include pre-1600 Western music,
Indigenous music, South-East Asian and Pacific music, Australian music,
and post-1970 music studies (both popular and art music).

The Conference Organising Committee is delighted to inform members that
the following have been engaged to deliver keynote addresses at the

Dr Linda Barwick, University of Sydney, Indigenous Music and Dance Studies
Dr Andrew Ford, Keynote by an Australian Composer.
Prof. James Grier, University of Western Ontario, Medieval Music Studies
Prof. Steven G. Nelson, Hosei University, Tokyo. Asian Music Studies

and presenting the 2006 Gordon Athol Anderson Lecture during the

Prof. Reinhard Strohm, University of Oxford.

For further inquiries, contact the 2006 MSA Conference Conveners:

Dr Rex Eakins,
School of Music,
University of New England,
Phone: 02 6773 6446 (international: +61 2 6773 6446). E-mail:

Dr Jason Stoessel,
School of Music,
University of New England,
Phone: 02 6773 6563 (international: +61 2 6773 6563). E-mail:

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