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Congress on Research in Dance, Thirty-Eighth Annual Conference
Continuing Dance Culture Dialogues: Southwest Borders and Beyond

Tempe, Arizona, November 2-5, 2006

This conference will bring together pioneers in dance and anthropology
with contemporary scholars in the field of cross-cultural dance studies. A
primary objective is to reexamine theories and methods for dance cultural
studies introduced at the 1972 CORD conference held in Tucson, Arizona.
Connecting past and present, the 2006 conference continues dialogues that
explore current and innovative research within the framework of human
cultures and societies.

At the heart of dance cultural study is the comparative process, which
considered emic and etic perspectives and investigative strategies.  Emic
frames are subjective points of view by participants in the culture as
well as by individual scholars who are researching selective dance
cultures.  Conversely, etic frames are objective points of view that
researchers employ to study phenomena comparatively.  Interaction between
emic and etic views facilitate holistic interpretation and fundamentally
define the process of cross-cultural or comparative dance study.  To
promote the most comprehensive inquiry of this process, the 2006 CORD
conference with CCDR at Arizona State University Department of Dance will
provide a forum for the presentation of scholarly papers, panels,
roundtables, workshops, and activities that focus on emic and etic views
and approaches as they pertain to dance cultures and dance

Highlights of the 2006 conference will include a keynote speech by Allegra
Fuller Snyder, the co-coordinator for the 1972 CORD conference, a guest
presentation by Steven Feld, McArthur fellow and ethnomusicologist, a pre-
conference event "A Window into the Ritual Dances of Guadalupe, Arizona:  
a Special CCDR Event" at the world-renowned Heard Museum, an In Memoriam
tribute, the Inauguration of the new CCDR Headquarters at ASU, the Rhythms
of Life concert, and a centennial tribute to Eleanor King.

For registration, lodging and a more detailed schedule of events, please
visit our website and click on the conference link.  Or
email conference liaison at

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