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Chopin in Paris: The 1830s

VI International Academic Conference organized by NIFC
Warszawa, 29 November - 2 December, 2006

The Fryderyk Chopin Institute would like to announce an international
conference entitled Chopin in Paris: The 1830s.  The conference will take
place in Warsaw, 29 November - 2 December 2006.

The main focus of the conference will be on Chopin's first decade in
Paris, and papers may engage with this theme from a variety of
perspectives: the cultural context, including concert life and opera; the
climate of ideas, as registered through journals and other literature; the
context of virtuoso pianism; the styles and structures of Chopin.s

Sessions will be organized under the following headings:

1. Chopin and discourses of Romanticism 

Individual papers dealing with Chopin in relation to aesthetic trends in
1830s Paris. Papers may engage with any aspect of the critical reception
of Chopin's music, as well as attempts to place it within the broader
context of intellectual history.

2. Chopin and the pianists

Individual papers dealing with Chopin in relation to virtuoso pianism in
1830s Paris. Papers may look at relations between Chopin and other
pianist-composers, or at issues of organology, performance practice or

3. Concert life and opera
Individual papers on Chopin and the institutions of music-making in 1830s
Paris. Papers may focus on Chopin's own concert-giving activities, at
broader performance contexts for the piano, at synergies between piano and
opera house, or at yet broader questions in the social history of pianism.
This session will culminate in a Keynote address by Jolanta T. Pekacz on
the institution of the Parisian salon

4. The new Chopin

A round table discussion consisting of invited and previously circulated
papers on the transformations of style in Chopin's music of the 1830s.

Participants will include John Rink, Jeffrey Kallberg and Mieczyslaw

5. Free papers

Individual papers on any aspect of Chopin.s life and music in Paris during
the 1830s.

We invite proposals for papers, including abstracts (no longer than 500
words). Papers should have a maximum duration of 30 minutes, and should be
written in one of the three following languages: English, German or
French. The deadline for proposals is 30 August 2006, and papers should be
sent to the Institute before 15 November 2006.

Accommodation will be provided for all participants during the conference.
The proceedings will be published and authors will receive a fee.

The conference preparation is led by the academic programme coordinator of
The Fryderyk Chopin Institute, Artur Szklener. For further details, please
contact The Institute office:

	Plac Pilsudskiego 9
	00-078 Warszawa
	tel.	(+48 22) 8275471, 8275472
	faks.	(+48 22) 8279599

The Conference Scholarly Board:							Deputy Director of the Institute

Prof. Jim Samson	          Prof. Zofia Chechlinska
Grzegorz Michalski
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