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Dancing under the Rising Sun: The Influences of Japanese Colonialism on Dance in the Asia-Pacific Region
Annual Conference, 2006 DRST (Dance Research Society, Taiwan)

8 - 10 December 2006, Taipei National University of the Arts

Call for Papers

What did the Japanese colonialism bring to the colonized countries in the
Asia-Pacific region before the end of the Second World War? Political
hegemony or modernization? Uprooted traditions or transplanted new
cultures? How has this legacy of colonialism molded the dance scene in
contemporary situations in various Asian countries?

As a result of the search for national identity in the postcolonial era,
Taiwan's reflections on the Japanese colonial influences have continuously
motivated the academic to examine the ideological and practical impacts
that have intertwined with or even dominated peoples' daily lives in many
aspects and on different levels. In the area of dance in particular, Japan
once served as the channel for the 'new dance' formulated in Europe and
America; moreover, the Japanese regime nurtured the first generation of
contemporary choreographers and dance educators in Taiwan. In recent
years, studies focused on this period have begun to accumulate and gained
attention among the academics and dance practitioners alike.

Though many Asia-Pacific countries shared the common past of Japanese
occupation before 1945, their colonial experiences were hardly a unified
one. Different cultural schemes and historical courses contributed to the
complexity of regional developments. This conference is the first attempt
to gather, compare, exchange, and reflect on the experiences of different
countries and geographic areas. Diverse and even contrasting
interpretations of the influences of Japanese colonialism are expected,
and will surely broaden our understanding of how human beings connect
themselves to history, culture and society through dance. Dance
practitioners, scholars and historians, as well as researchers in culture
studies and other related social sciences, are welcome to participate in
and contribute to this dialogue. The conference's themes include:

1.	Colonial modernity: influences of Japanese colonialism on various
	dance practices and their relations to the social process blending
	colonization and modernization.
2.	Cultural hegemony and aesthetics: the influence of Japanese
	hegemonic ideology on aesthetic conception which modified or
	formulated new genres, styles and categories of dance.
3.	Gender, class and national identity: the strategic production of
	dances as the reflections of the newly-formed social
	stratification under colonialism
4.	Other related topics.

The official languages of the conference are Chinese and English. Proposals
of the following forms are welcome:

1.	research papers
2.	theme panels
3.	video/image presentations

Those who are interested in presenting should submit an abstract no more
than 500 words in Chinese or English before 1 April 2006. The abstracts
will be reviewed anonymously by the conference committee, and the result
will be announced by 15 May 2006. Please fill in the attached form of
submission, and send it along with the abstract by E-mail to Ya-ping Chen,
PhD at An e-mail receipt will be sent to the
applicant as the confirmation of submission.

Conference Committee:

Dance Research Society, Taiwan (DRST)
Graduate School of Dance Theory, Taipei National University of the Arts
# 1, Hsueh-yuan Rd., Peitou, Taipei 112, TAIWAN

2006 DRST(Dance Research Society, Taiwan) ANNUAL CONFERENCE Dancing under the Rising Sun: The Influences of Japanese Colonialism on Dance in the Asia-Pacific Region Submission Form Family Name: First Name: Nationality: Affiliation/Institution and Position: Contact e-mail address: Contact phone number: Contact postal address: Title of paper/theme panel/video or image productioníž Equipments needed:
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