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Twenty-Fourth Annual Music Theory Forum

Florida State University, January 2007

The Music Theory Society at Florida State University will host its 24th
Annual Music Theory Forum on January 27, 2007, in Dohnányi Recital Hall.  

The schedule of events is as follows:

Session 1
Greg Decker, Chair

9:00 Michael Baker (Western Carolina University)--"Mendelssohn's
"Allnächtlich im Traume,' Op. 86 no. 4: Music, Text, and Meaning in a
Nineteenth-Century Song"

9:30 Danny Arthurs (Indiana University)--"Irony and Illusion in the Second
Movement of Beethoven's Piano Sonata, Op. 101"

10:00 Richard Randall (University of Massachusetts,
Amherst)--"Understanding Hybridity: Comparing Geometric Models of Tonal

10:30-10:45  Break

Session 2
Sarah Sarver, Chair

10:45 Sean Atkinson (Florida State University)--"Process and Intuition:
Narration in Three Tales by Steve Reich"

11:15 Alan Theisen (Florida State University)--"With Pipes, Drums, and
French Horns: Pitch (Space) Amid Stylistic Conflict in György Ligeti's
Hamburg Concerto"

11:45 Shannon Groskreutz and Crystal Peebles (Florida State
University)--"Spiral Form: Reconceptualizing Thematic Returns in
Developing Variation"

12:15-2:15  Lunch

Session 3
Chris Endrinal, Chair

2:15 Meghann Wilhoite (Columbia University)--"Getting Close To NARC"

2:45 Bryn Hughes (Florida State University)--"Rock's Compositional Space"

3:15 Rob Bennett (Florida State University)--"Dramatic Formal Dichotomies
in Indie Rock of the 1990s"

3:45-4:00  Break

Keynote Address

4:00 L. Poundie Burstein (Hunter College and the Graduate Center at the
City University of New York)--"Schenkerian Analysis and the Long Range"
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