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Thirty-Fourth Annual Conference
International Association for Jazz Education

New York, January 2007

The International Association for Jazz Education invites proposals for
presentations and clinics for the Technology Track at its 34th Annual
Conference to be held in New York City, January 10-13, 2007.

Proposal Guidelines
While not specifically required, it is suggested that each proposal
demonstrate a clear relationship to jazz pedagogy, performance or
practice. We encourage proposal submissions of the following topics:

*Computer-assisted Instruction
*Notation Software
*Sequencing Software
*Electronic Musical Instruments
*Digital Audio

Session Formats

*Within each category we encourage proposal submissions for
lecture/presentations and hands-on tutorial sessions. Industry
showcases/product demonstrations should have a clear relationship to jazz
pedagogy, performance and practice.

*Emphasis should be placed on competency acquisition so that attendees
will leave with new skills in addition to the knowledge and enthusiasm
generated by technology presentations. Hands-on sessions should focus on
one or two aspects of a program rather than an overview.

*Sessions will have a maximum 50-minute time slot plus 10 minutes for
set-up and tear down.

Proposal Guidelines

* Complete all 13 items outlines in the Technology Session Proposal Form
(appended below).
* All proposals MUST use the appended form and be submitted as a text file
only. No word processor files or hard copy proposals will accepted

*Proposals must be received by April 10, 2006. Due to the nature of the
selection process, incomplete or late proposals will not be reviewed

*Email your proposal to George Hess at


*Receipt of your proposal will be acknowledged by return e-mail within
five business days of your submission.

*Programming decisions will be announced by July 2006.

General Information

*All expenses for the proposed clinician are the responsibility of the
clinician or sponsor and that of IAJE. Additionally, IAJE membership is
required of all presenters.

*IAJE encourages sponsors to confirm the availability of the proposed
clinician before submitting a proposal.

*Sessions presented at the 2006 conference are not eligible to be
presented at the 2007 conference.

*For more information contact: Dr. George Hess, IAJE Technology Track
Coordinator, School of Music, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant MI
48859, USA; e-mail;
tel: +1-(989) 774-1960; fax +1-(989) 774-3766

2007 IAJE TECHNOLOGY TRACK PROPOSAL FORM *Must be completed for each session proposal* 1) Proposal Author(s) and Institutional or Corporate Affiliation(s): 2) Session Title: 3) Intended Audience (delete all but one): a. general (little or no technology experience needed) b. novice (minimal experience; intro. level software/hardware use) c. intermediate (uses several apps., intermed. software/hardware  use) d. advanced (very experienced, adv. software/hardware use) 4) Presentation Topic (delete all but one): a. Computer Assisted Instruction b. Notation Software c. Sequencing Software d. Electronic Musical Instruments e. Electronic Performance f. Digital Audio g. Internet h. Multimedia i. Productivity 5) Presentation Format (delete all but one): a. Lecture/Presentation b. Hands-on tutorial c. Product Demonstration d. Other (Specify): 6) Internet Connection (delete all but one): a. NOT Needed for my presentation b. Desired, but I could run local on my presentation CPU c. Required for the presentation CPU only (I cannot run local) * * availability dependent upon sponsorship 7) Computing Platform a. Windows (specify version) b. Mac OS X 8) Single-Paragraph ABSTRACT explaining session suitable for inclusion in program (40 words or less) : 9) Additional Description *if needed* beyond item 7 (750 word limit!): 10) Discuss why the presentation will be of interest to jazz educators and professionals. 11) BRIEF biography (of *each* presenter, performer, or ensemble): 12) Due to *unavoidable* conflict I absolutely *cannot* present on the following date(s) and times (be specific): No Conflicts Exist January 11 January 12 January 13 13) All e-mail addresses that you regularly access: Office: Home: Other: 14) Address and phone numbers: Address: City: State: Zip: Office Phone: Home Phone: Cell Phone: Fax: 15) Membership (Delete inapplicable responses) Current Active IAJE member Former IAJE member Have never been an IAJE member
George J. Hess Professor of Music Technology Central Michigan University
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