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International Symposium
Latin American Choral Music: Contemporary Performance and the Colonial Legacy

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, January 19-21, 2007

Hosted by the University of Arizona School of Music,
With cooperation from the Center for Latin American Studies, the
Department of Spanish and Portuguese, and the Department of History

Call for Papers and Presentations

Plenary Speakers:
Ricardo Massun, Director, Ensemble Louis Berger, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Craig Russell, Professor of Music, California Polytechnic State
University, USA

Closing Concert:
The Arizona Choir
Performance of Misa de Lima by Roque de Ceruti
For the grand opening of
"Virgins, Saints and Angels: South American Paintings (1600-1825) from the
Toma Collection"
Tucson Museum of Art, 3:00 pm, Sunday, January 21, 2007

Contributions are invited to this symposium which aims to bring together
scholars and musicians interested in the contemporary performance of Latin
American music composed in the colonial period, with special emphasis on
choral music of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.  The symposium
will be convened as one of several inaugural events launching the new
Institute for Music in the Americas at the University of Arizona School of
Music and its research center for Colonial Latin American Music.  We
expect to publish the best of the proceedings from this symposium.

We are particularly interested in papers, panels and workshops on the
following topics, although these should not be taken as exclusive:

1. Publication of performance scores - including consideration of major
resources, the processes of identifying, evaluating, accessing, and
editing manuscripts; as well as the mechanics of contemporary publication
and distribution.

2. Matters of performance practice - including consideration of
interpretation, instrumentation, and vocal distribution, as well as
decisions balancing authenticity with the demands of contemporary
expectations, and values.

3. Recording - including matters of production, evaluation of existing
releases, plans for new releases, and strategies appropriate in the age of
digital distribution.

4. Engagement- including consideration of representation of Latin American
choral music (or related repertoire) in educational programs, curriculum
development, and civic events.

5. Aesthetics and style studies - including discussions of genre, style,
and reception in regional and international contexts.

In all these matters we hope to identify critical issues, needs,
priorities, and best practices. Papers should be designed to last no more
than 20 minutes. Performance proposals will be scheduled in time frames
that best suit the work to be presented; an ideal timing should be
submitted with the proposal. All proposals should include:

1)	the title of presentation, accompanied by an abstract of no more than
	250 words
2)	indication of equipment and audio/visual needs
3)	the presenter's contact information

Proposals should be sent electronically by email attachment (.doc or .rtf
only) by October 30, 2006 to: Ms. Sherrill Blodget at

Presenters will be notified by Nov. 22.

Research Team and Symposium organizers:
Janet Sturman, Bruce Chamberlain, John Brobeck, Jay Rosenblatt
Elizabeth Schauer, Scott Whiteford, Bill Beezley, Monica Morales
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