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Propaganda and the Mass Media in the Making of Cold War Europe
An International Interdisciplinary Workshop

School of History and Archives, University College Dublin, 12/13 January 2007

Proposals for papers are requested for an interdisciplinary workshop on
"Propaganda and the Mass Media in the Making of Cold War Europe". The
workshop will explore how post-war European identity was reinvented in the
late 1940s and 1950s, as Cold War propaganda re-imagined a Europe divided
into two ideologically antithetical blocs. The workshop organisers invite
contributions both on the construction of these new identities in the
media, the political authorities' attempts to control and "spin" the
media, the impact of these campaigns on public consciousness, the
emergence or extension and impact of the new technologies of radio and
television, and the emergence of a new youth and dissident culture in the
later 1950s.
The workshop aims to bring together scholars from a wide range of academic
disciplines and regional expertise in order to explore how, in the early
Cold War years, the mass media were instrumental in the reinvention of
Europe's cultural identity.  By involving young pioneering researchers and
established scholars, the workshop will investigate the reshaping of
European public consciousness through propaganda, culture and ideology
from the perspective of a reunited Europe.
The workshop will last for two full days.  Particular interest centres on
the following themes:
I) Redefining Europe East and West: Ideology, Identity, and Mass Media
  1) Ideology in the Making of Cold War Culture
  2) New Technologies - New Mentalities
  3) National Identity and Propaganda in Cold War Europe
II) Power, Propaganda, and Censorship in Cold War Europe
  4) The Cult of Leadership
  5) Censorship and Self-Censorship
  6) Ideology on the Air Waves
III) Rewriting History: Memory and Totalitarianism
  7) Reinventing the Recent Past
  8) Challenging the Past: 1956 and the Emergence of a New Culture in
     "East" and "West"
IV) Round-Table "Postwar": The Early Cold War in Transnational Perspective
The workshop will take place at the Humanities Institute of Ireland
(University College Dublin). Proposals of not more than 250 words and a
brief CV should reach the organisers by 15 June 2006. Presentations are
limited to 25 minutes.

  Contact details:
  Dr Judith Devlin (
  Dr Christoph Müller (
  School of History and Archives
  University College Dublin
  John Henry Newman Building
  Belfield, Dublin 4
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