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Midwest Graduate Music Consortium (MGMC), Eleventh Annual Conference

University of Chicago, February 23rd and 24th, 2007



MGMC is a joint venture organized by graduate students from The University
of Wisconsin-Madison, The University of Chicago, and Northwestern
University. Conferences allow graduate students in various fields of music
to come together and share ideas on a vast array of topics in a
professional and collegial atmosphere. Conferences are held annually on a
rotating basis, in the spring, at Madison, Chicago, or Evanston.

The 11th annual meeting will be held at the University of Chicago on
February 23rd-24th, 2007 with Scott Burnham as the keynote speaker.


The program committee invites graduate and advanced undergraduate students
to submit abstracts for papers related to ethnomusicology, historical
musicology, music theory and analysis, cognition, performance practice,
pedagogy and education, or any other topic concerning the study and
practice of music.  We particularly welcome interdisciplinary studies.

Please submit abstracts electronically as either a PDF or a Word document
attachment to Abstracts should not exceed 350 words.
It should include the title of the paper but exclude the authors name and
any other identifying information. It should also be double-spaced, using
a 12-point font. Each applicant may submit up to two abstracts but only
one will be accepted for presentation.

A cover email which includes the applicants name, affiliation, email
address, phone number and the equipment (e.g. piano, CD-players,
LCD-screen, etc.) needed for the proposed presentation should accompany
the abstract.

Presenters will have twenty minutes to present their papers, followed by
ten additional minutes for discussion. Proposals will be read for clarity,
originality, and appropriateness for oral presentation. Although there is
no single correct format, the program committee will look favorably on
proposals that include a clear statement of the paper's original
contribution to scholarship in relation to prior research and specific
evidence of results, illustrated by musical examples or diagrams where
possible. Supplementary materials such as musical examples, diagrams, and
bibliographies should be submitted as separate pages, and should not
exceed two pages.

Abstracts must be received by November 10th, 2006.


The program committee invites composers currently engaged in graduate or
advanced undergraduate study to submit compositions for consideration in
the programming of a new music concert that will take place on Friday,
February 23, 2007. The concert will be given by the University of Chicago
New Music Ensemble, which includes strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion,
harp, piano, and solo voices. The assistance of the University of Chicago
Computer Music Studio will be enlisted for realization of electronic

Please submit four copies of the score by U.S. mail: the score should
include the title but exclude the applicants name and any other
identifying information. Submitted works may be for solo instruments, or
for ensembles of up to 15 players, and should be of reasonable difficulty.
Any unconventional notation or instrumental techniques should be explained
in the scores performance notes. Recordings of acoustic works should be
included, if possible. Electronic works requiring minimal to moderate
set-up, for which recordings must be submitted, will also be considered.
Each composer may submit up to two works but only one will be accepted for
the concert. Each proposal should not exceed 12 minutes in duration.
Materials will be returned to you if a stamped self-addressed envelope is

A cover letter stating the applicants name, affiliation, email address,
phone number should accompany your score submission. Composers who wish to
provide their own players for the February 23 performance - particularly
for works that call for specialized instrumentation - should indicate this
in their cover letters. There are no funds available to compensate
performers for their participation in this MGMC concert, however.

Please send your submission to:
Cecilia Lo, MGMC Program Chair
c/o Music Department, University of Chicago
Goodspeed Hall 309, 1010 59th Street, Chicago, IL 60637, USA

Proposals must be received by November 10th, 2006.

For more information about MGMC and to see previous conference programs,
see our web site:

Questions? Please direct inquiries to:

Cecilia Lo
Graduate Student
Department of Music
The University of Chicago
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