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First international Anna Amalia & Goethe Conference

Weimar, Germany, 30 March to 1 April 2007

Anna Amalia & Goethe Akademie Weimar
Universität Leipzig, Weimar
30.03.2007-01.04.2007, Goethe-Institut

Call for papers
Deadline: 31.08.2006


On April 10, 2007 the 200th anniversary of the death of Anna Amalia,
Duchess of Saxony-Weimar, will be commemorated. She was the mastermind,
who, in co-operation with the poet and statesman Johann Wolfgang von
Goethe, transformed Weimar into a cultural centre which would dominate the
classical image of Germany for two centuries. UNESCO has declared the
city's architectural ensemble "Classical Weimar", which was built during
Anna Amalia's time, a part of the world cultural heritage.

This anniversary is the ideal occasion to focus attention on a so far
unknown story about Goethe and Anna Amalia that exceeds by far their joint
cultural work. For more than 200 years this story has been unknown to
historians, despite the fact that Johann Wolfgang von Goethe again and
again has eternalised it in his poetry: the SECRET LOVE between Goethe and
Duchess Anna Amalia.

The conference works are based on the epoch-making book J. W. Goethe and
Anna Amalia - A Forbidden Love (2004, ISBN 3-936177-04-X, 400 p., 42 color
illustrations) written by Dr. Ettore Ghibellino, MJur (Oxford). Under the
chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Ilse Nagelschmidt, University of Leipzig,
scholars of various disciplines will discuss in a critical way the
persuasiveness of Ghibellino's thesis along with the evidence expounded in
his book. Ghibellino's book aims to uncover an old state secret of the
Duchy of Saxony-Weimar. For the first time, contemporary sources are made
available which verify that a deception was staged using Anna Amalia's
lady-in-waiting, Charlotte von Stein, as a front woman. The life of Goethe
now appears in a different light, his literary works turn out to be
autobiographical. The Annual International Anna Amalia & Goethe Conference
is aimed at re-writing literary history. Goethe and Anna Amalia tell the
story of their tragic love affair by means of a "mute speech" which makes
use of paintings, sculptures, letters and above all the poetry of Goethe,
who is universally acknowledged to be a giant of world literature.

Who should submit:

The call for papers is addressed to German scholars, scholars of
literature, lawyers, historians, historians of arts, of ethics, of
history, of the history of secret service, and others who are interested
in contributing from the point of view of their own discipline, to the
academic examination of the state secret and its cultural and social
implications. Travelling charges and an honorarium are included. From 11
to 12 November 2006 a preparatory session will be held in Weimar to
co-ordinate the contributions to the conference.

Submission deadline and procedure:

The Anna Amalia and Goethe Society Weimar and the University of Leipzig
invites submissions of proposals for papers in German or English. Please
send a brief one-page abstract and a short biography before 31 AUGUST

Dr. Antje J. Denkena

Daasdorfer Straße 30
99428 Weimar

+49 (0) 3643 7737 612
+49 (0) 3643 7737 572
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