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Boundaries, Blockades and Bridges
IASPM Canada and IASPM-US 2007 Joint Conference

Northeastern University, Boston, April 26-29, 2007


Popular music has always maintained a dialogue with political and social
developments, raising awareness, spurring debate, and even directing
events throughout history. To many minds, it is this active and engaged
role that makes popular music vital and worthy of serious study. The 2007
special joint meeting of IASPM Canada and IASPM-US hinges on ideas of
boundaries, blockades and bridges. The conference programme committee
invites proposals relating to these themes, as well as proposals for
papers, panels, or roundtables on any aspect of popular music.
Possible paper topics might address questions such as the following:
* In an age of national, international, and global crises, what roles do
  (or can) popular musics play?
* What role does music play in breaking down borders, and in reinforcing
* Do genre categories such as "world music" enable musicians or ghettoize
* When a classical recording sells in the multi millions, does it become
  popular music?
* How does popular music provide a bridge between online and off-line
* Do History of Rock'n'Roll classes mean that popular music has at last
  arrived in the academic world, or do these classes serve merely to fund
  the study of "serious" music?
* Even within the world of popular music scholarship, are some genres
  considered more worthy than others?
Proposals will be read blind by the program committee, which consists of:
Holly Everett (Memorial University of Newfoundland), Ellie Hisama
(Columbia University), David Todd Lawrence (University of St. Thomas), Tom
McCourt (Fordham University), Paul Théberge (Carleton University), and
Jacqueline Warwick (Dalhousie University).
Proposals must be submitted online at Proposals for individual papers and
roundtables should be no longer than 300 words. Proposals for panels
should include an abstract of no more than 300 words for the panel as a
whole, as well as abstracts of no more than 300 words for each paper
proposed for the panel. The program committee reserves the right to accept
a panel but reject an individual paper on that panel.

For questions about the conference, contact Jacqueline Warwick, Program
Committee Chair, at

Submission deadline: Midnight PST, November 1, 2006.
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