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Dance and Culture
Area of the annual joint conference of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association

Boston, Massachusetts, Boston Marriott Copley Place, April 4-7, 2007


  Papers, Lec/Dems, Panels, Roundtables, Film Screenings, Other Formats
  Deadline for proposals:  November 14, 2006
  Contact:  Libby Smigel MFA PhD, &

The "Dance and Culture" area of the national PCA/ACA solicits proposals on
all areas of dance and culture in North & South America and/or on popular
culture worldwide.  All methods of inquiry are welcome.  Participants are
encouraged to consider interdisciplinary connections of their research and
the diverse interests of their potential audience.
In the past three years, the "Dance and Culture" area has directly
sponsored or co-sponsored 10 to 14 panels over three days of the four-day
conference.  Last year, the announcement of a new world dance resource,
headed by dance anthropologist Joan Erdman was launched at our conference.
"Dance and Culture" also sponsors screenings of dance anthropology field
work as well as seminal dance films.
Topic areas of particular interest include:

* Dance's role in fiction and drama (e.g., Shakespeare, Austin,
  Tarkington, Fugard, Thackeray, Tolstoy, Moliere, Alcott, among many
* Dance as signifier in advertising
* Dance as a dramaturgical device in film and/or musical theatre
* Popular dance as visual text
* Dance and carnival in cultures
* Dance and gender
* Dance in nightclub cultures worldwide

Other topic areas featured at PCA/ACA conferences in the past include:
American pop dance abroad (including eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa),
Latin American dances in U.S. and European nightclubs, dance prohibitions,
the process of learning traditional dances, liturgical Christian dance,
dance and advertising, dance and semiotics, dance and gender, American
modern dance, dance in American musicals, dance and drag, African American
dance traditions and innovations, the role of dance in African society,
dance as identity, codification vs. improvisation in dance cultures, dance
in the Cajun culture, among many others.
To submit a proposal, include the following information:

Title(s) [for group:  panel title if more than one presentation or paper
	is included in proposal, as well as each individual title]
Name(s) of participant(s) as they want them displayed in the conference
	program book
Short bio/background of each participant (not more than about 50 words)
Full contact information for each participant (mailing address and email
	- email is essential, as most conference information is
	communicated by email and online)
Abstract of paper or panel or session (not more than about 100-150 words)
Format (e.g., individual paper of about 20 minutes, panel of 3 or 4
	papers, roundtable discussion, lecture/demonstration, etc.):
AV Needs:  IMPORTANT!  The conference organizers will book and pay for
	ONLY a DVD Player and TV display/monitor in each of the
	presentation rooms.  Talk to your campus IT staff for further
	clarification of how to connect a laptop to this equipment if you
	intend to bring yours. International visitors:  If you burn a
	DVD, you should ensure that Region 1 coding or Region 0 is chosen.
Send your proposal by email (Word or WordPerfect for PC documents or paste
it into the email): and
	Libby Smigel, MFA PhD
	Area Chair for Dance and Culture, PCA/ACA
	1120 Meurilee Ln
	Silver Spring, MD 20901-2111, USA
	+1-(301) 681-9845
Deadline for receipt by email:  November 14, 2006
Presenters may deliver only one formal paper, but they may also
participate as a panel chair, discussant, or respondent.  Presenters must
be members of either the Popular Culture Association (PCA) or the American
Culture Association (ACA) in the year that they participate.
Panelists will be notified of acceptance by November 24, 2006.  To appear
in the printed conference program book, the associations ask that you
pre-register for the conference.  You may pay online through the Acteva
link or by mailing in the registration form with your payment.  Payment
information is found on the following webpage.

Full conference information, including registration, local arrangements,
tentative conference program (when acceptances are sent), and information
on the associations, can be found at
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