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Tempo, Metre, Rhythm: Time in Music after 1950

International Orpheus Academy for Music and Theory, Ghent, Wednesday, April 11 through Saturday April 14, 2007

In 2007, the Orpheus Institute organizes its fifth 'International Orpheus
Academy for Music Theory'.

Internationally renowned performers, composers and guest professors will
meet pre-professional musicians, music theorists and musicologists during
this four-day congress. The objective is to work at a high level with a
selected group of participants, with the intention to make this an
enriching experience for everyone involved.

The theme of the 'Orpheus Academy 2007' is "Tempo, Metre, Rhythm: Time in
Music after 1950". Performance aspects as regards the organisation of time
will be intermingled with compositional, music-theoretical, -historical
and -aesthetical dimensions during various lectures and workshops.
Discussions and panels following the lectures will invite dynamic
participation by all participants.

Seven specialists will consider the theme:

Richard Barrett (Composer, Brunel University West-London, U.K.)

"The Poetics of Proportion: Time, Process and Structure in Composition"
"The History of the Moment: Time, Process and Structure in Improvisation"

Bruce Brubaker (Pianist, New England Conservatory, Boston, U.S.A.)  

"(Apologies to McLuhan and Baudrillard)/John Cage's Allatonceness/Linear,
Discontinuous, and Polyvalent Time"
"again minimalism again"

Pascal Decroupet (Professor in Musicology, Sophia-Antipolis University
Nice, France) 

"Rhythmic Cells, Durations, Groups: Different Concepts of Microlevel
Time-organization in Serial Music and Their Consequences on Shaping Time
on the Formal Level"
Lecture-performance (joint with Arne Deforce, live performance): "Mutual
Conditioning: Temporal Interactions Between Electronics and Performers in
'Musique Mixte' and Live Electronics"

Arne Deforce (Cellist, Drs. at the Orpheus Institute)  

Lecture-performance (joint with Pascal Decroupet): "Mutual
Conditioning: Temporal Interactions Between Electronics and Performers in
'Musique Mixte' and Live Electronics"
Lecture-concert: "Composing Time Undisturbed within the Memory of Sound. A
Critical Study of Morton Feldman's Patterns in a Chromatic Field"

Mark Delaere (Professor Musicology, K .U. Leuven,  Belgium) 

"Tempo, Metre, Rhythm: Time in 20th-Century Music"
"Tempo Relations in Contemporary Music" 

Justin London (Professor, Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota, U.S.A.)

"The Perception and Cognition of Rhythm and Time"
"Temporality in Modern and Post-Modern Music: A Critique from Cognitive

Ian Pace (Pianist, Cardiff University, U.K.)

"Making Possible the Irrational: Strategies and Aesthetics in the Music of
Stockhausen, Cage, Ligeti, Xenakis, Ferneyhough, Barrett"
"Complexity as Imaginative Stimulant: Issues of Rubato, Barring, Grouping,
Accentuation and Articulation in Contemporary Music, with Examples from
Boulez, Carter, Feldman, Kagel, Sciarrino, Finnissy"

Professional music theorists, musicologists, students in music theory or
musicology, musicians and other persons interested may apply for the
seminar, by supplying a biography and a motivation. 

Attention! Please note that only 30 participants will be accepted. 
Application is only possible through the website of the Orpheus Institute
from November 1, 2006 until January 31, 2007 on.

The admission fee is EUR100 for students and EUR175 for non-students. 
Lodging can be organized by the Orpheus Institute at the cost of EUR60 per
night for a single room in a Bed & Breakfast, or EUR100 per person per
night for hotel accommodation. Some limited basic double rooms (twin
beds) are available at EUR35 per person per night.

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