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Graduate Exchange Conference
Kings College London, 23 June 2007

Call for registration

Annual Music Graduate Exchange Conference for the East and South East of England
Saturday 23rd June 2007
Department of Music
King's College London
London WC2R 2LS
All students are invited to attend the AHRC-funded Graduate Exchange Conference for postgraduate students studying at universities in the East and South East of England. This year, the conference is hosted by the Music Department at King's College, University of London.

We are very fortunate to be able to welcome a distinguished panel to our final discussion 'What can musicology know?' chaired by Professor John Deathridge, including Professor George Benjamin, Professor Daniel Chua, Professor Nicholas Cook, and Professor Roger Parker.

Attendance is free of charge but registration is essential. To guarantee your place, please email Carlo Cenciarelli  (carlo.cenciarelli@kcl.ac.uk ) as soon as possible and no later than Friday 15 June.

For further information please email Miriam Quick (miriam.quick@kcl.ac.uk ) or Carlo Cenciarelli (carlo.cenciarelli@kcl.ac.uk)

Conference schedule
1030-1130 Music and politics in C20 Spain (Chair: Jonathan Hicks, Oxford) St Davids Room
Francisco Parralejo Masa (Cambridge) 'Political conservatism and musical canon in Spain (1931-1936)'
Eva Moreda-Rodriguez (RHUL) 'Musical relationships between Germany and Spain, 1939-1945'
1030-1130 Song and sense (Chair: Tomas McAuley, KCL) Lecture Room
Ben Albritton (Cambridge) 'Mensural modulation and poetic exegesis in two lais by Machaut'
Daniel Trocmé Latter (Southampton) 'Congregational singing of the Genevan Psalms: attempts at realising Calvin's vision'

1130-1200 COFFEE
1200-1300 Historical perspectives (Chair: Burkhard Schwalbach, KCL) St Davids Room
Stephanie Clacy (Southampton) 'Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel and the echoes of history'
Sarah Dupuis (Oxford) 'Musical culture of the Commonwealth (1649-1660)'
1200-1300 Music in performance (Chair: Miriam Quick, KCL) Lecture Room
Ruth Rodrigues (Birmingham) 'Violin fingering into sound: the legacy of Joachim in the publications of Schnirlin'
Stefanie Seah (Sussex) 'Can musicology colour performance?'
1300-1400 LUNCH
1400-1530 The diva and the media (Chair: Poly Victoros, RHUL) St Davids Room
Ioannis Polychronakis (Oxford) 'Anna Vissi: 'The Greek Madonna?''
Emily Eisen (Oxford) 'Constructing Renée: navigating the diva narrative'
1400-1530 Beyond ballet (Chair: Carlo Cenciarelli, KCL) Lecture Room
Jenny Tamplin (Oxford) 'Through the looking glass: Stravinsky's Orpheus'
Barbara Grammeniati (Roehampton) 'Il Tabbacco, a humorous ballet by Filippo d' Aglie (Turin, 1650)'
Nirmali Fenn (Oxford) 'Maxwell Davies: X-rays in music'
1530-1545 TEA
1545-1645 Opera and genre (Chair: Jenny Tamplin, Oxford) St Davids Room
Kieran Hulse (KCL) 'Either/or: comic/tragic narratives in Mozart's Don Giovanni overture'
Jane Brandon (KCL) 'Benjamin Britten's The Rape of Lucretia and genre: classical tragedy, epic theatre, Verdian melodrama and

Christian parable'
1545-1645 Composers' forum (Chair: William Lockhart, KCL) Lecture Room
Edward Top (KCL) 'Tonal meaning in the eclectic and atonal context of my composing'
Sean Clancy (KCL) 'What is writing, why write, and for whom? Current preoccupations in my musical compositions'
1645-1700 BREAK
1700-1800 Panel discussion: 'What can musicology know?'
Chair: Professor John Deathridge (KCL)
St Davids Room
Professor George Benjamin (KCL), Professor Daniel Chua (KCL), Professor Nicholas Cook (RHUL), Professor Roger Parker (KCL)


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