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Fifteen Years Later: Past and Present in Soviet/Post-Soviet Popular Music
Panel, IASPM Biennial Conference

Mexico City, June 2007


15 years since the fall of the Soviet Union it is important to re-examine
our views of popular music under the Soviet regime and to newly examine
the present situation in which post-Soviet popular music finds itself in.

It goes without saying that the last 15 years brought tremendous changes
in the world of Russian and non-Russian popular music in the countries of
the Former Soviet Union. Initially an identity crisis brought about by the
loss of the role of spiritual, cultural, and political leadership on the
cultural arena that was one of the main characteristics of Soviet popular
music community reigned. This was followed by a period of self discovery,
re-discovery and adaptations to the new socio-economic, cultural and
political reality. Popular music was subjected to new forces of market
economy: issues brought up by management, image making, marketing,
advertisement, etc.  Ideologically and stylistically popular music covered
a wide span of attitudes, styles, beliefs and trends, from ultra
nationalist root folk to sleek Westernized pop and more. We suggest
examining these trends and movements closely from as wide as possible
variety of points of view:  social, political, cultural, stylistic,
anthropological, musicological etc.

We also invite discussions and revisionist theories of Soviet popular
music, to provide a fresh view of this phenomenon, from the distance of 15
years and rich data and new information accumulated since 1991.

We invite papers dealing with these or other related to the history,
traditions and interpretations of Soviet and post-Soviet popular music to
be delivered at the panel we are proposing for the IASPM conference in
Mexico City 2007.

Please send your abstracts (max. 250 words) to Mark Yoffe (
and David-Emil Wickstroem ( by October 15th.
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