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University of London Royal Holloway,
University of London

Fifth Biennial International Conference on Music Since 1900

University of York, United Kingdom, 5-8 July 2007

Proposals are warmly invited on any topics pertinent to musics of the 20th
and 21st centuries. However, the ICMSN conference would particularly like
to emphasize work on the following topics, intended to be applicable to
all genres of music (pop, commercial, concert, jazz, folk, world...):

  * Technological innovations and social context
  * Music in non-Western cultures
  * Improvisation and improvised music
  * Present-day composition shaped by and shaping social and historical 

Proposals are welcome for any of the following:

  * Panel discussions (up to 6 participants, each giving a short position 
    paper, followed by a general discussion) 
  * Paper sessions (four papers, each 20 minutes maximum, with 10 minutes 
    for discussion)
  * Papers (20 minutes maximum, with 10 minutes for discussion)
  * Recitals or lecture-recitals (40 minutes maximum)
  * Workshop-discussions, led by up to three presenters, on aspects of 
    present-day composition
  * Curated installations or compositional listening sessions

Abstracts should be prepared as follows:
  * For individual papers -- up to 250 words
  * For paper sessions -- 250-word (maximum) summary and up to 250 words 
    for each session participant
  * For panel discussions -- 250-word (maximum) and up to 150 words for 
    each panel participant

The deadline for submission of session and paper titles and abstracts is 8 
January 2007. To make it possible to review proposals anonymously, we ask 
  * There be only one proposal per applicant.
  * Proposals not duplicate presentations being given at conferences or 
    other events proximate in time or place to ICMSN.
  * All proposals be sent as an email together with an MS Word attachment.
  * For panel or paper sessions, the email should include the names of all 
    participants, with the corresponding titles of their papers, and the 
    session titles.  For individual papers, the email should include both
    the applicant's name and the paper title.
  * The Word attachments should include the titles and abstracts, but 
    nothing that reveals the names of the participants. 

Send proposals to William Brooks, Department of Music, University of York,
YO10 5DD, UK (
Conference updates will be posted at

COMPOSERS: please note that we will issue a separate call for compositions
in association with a workshop that will take place during the ICMSN
conference.  Stay tuned ...
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