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Words and Notes in the Nineteenth Century

Senate/Stewart House, University of London, 2-3 July 2007 (jointly hosted with IGRS)

Focusing on a century that fostered a growth industry in musical writing
of many kinds (musical novels, programme notes, musical poetry, music
appreciation texts, journalism, scientific treatises, biography, etc.),
this conference seeks to address three main questions. How is music
conceptualized in various textual situations/locations between c. 1789 and
1914? How can we best approach the relationships between music and texts?
In what ways might comparative study of different languages, genres or
cultural contexts help us explore the workings of word-music

This two-day conference at Senate House, University of London, aims to
provide a broad interdisciplinary experience. In addition to conference
papers, the programme will include active learning and discussion about
how we can cross between disciplines in scholarship and the classroom. The
event will thus be particularly relevant to scholars and students
embarking on interdisciplinary research and/or interdisciplinary teaching.
The conference language will be English. A keynote address, 'Mastering
Beethoven', will be given by Katherine Kolb (Southeastern Louisiana
University), former director of the Kolb-Proust Archive for Research at
the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, joint editor of Proust in
Perspective, editor of Proust's letters (Plon, 2004) and author of
numerous articles on music criticism and on music in the literary works of
Berlioz and Balzac.

Draft programme

Monday 2 July

9.00-9.30  Registration/Welcome  

9.30-11.15  Music and Poetry (chair: Helen Abbott)

Ruth Goldstein
 Ravel: a New Approach

Peter Dayan (University of Edinburgh)
 What Erik Satie's Music and Poetry Do for Each Other

Natalia Gorbel (Karelian State Pedagogical University)
 The Musical Structure of Heine's Florentine Nights 

9.30-11.15  Music and the Body (chair: Naomi Segal)

James Kennaway (Stanford University)
 Sickness, Morality and Bad Music

Kelly J. Maynard (University of California, Los Angeles)
 'Anatomical Preparations' and the Wagnerian Drama in early Third-Republic

Laura Kasson (Indiana University)
 Language as an Instrument of Vocal Pedagogy 

11.15-11.45  Coffee 

 11.45-12.55  Wagner's Influence on Writing (chair: James Garratt)

Rosemary Yeoland (University of Tasmania)
 The Musical Style of an homme de lettres: Camille Mauclair

Grace Kehler (McMaster University)
 Wagner and Atherton on the Gesamtkunstwerk: Art and (Dis)Integration 

 11.45-12.55  Nation (chair: Michael Murphy)

Maria McHale (Royal Irish Academy)
 Singing and Sobriety: Nationalism and Temperance in 1840s Ireland

Krisztina Lajosi (University of Amsterdam)
 The Conceptualization of Music in the Context of Nineteenth- Century Nation-Building Processes in East-Central Europe 

 12.55-14.00  Lunch

14.00-16.20  Women's Fiction in the Long Nineteenth Century (chair: Phyllis Weliver) 

Lorraine Wood (University of Utah)
 Melding Past and Present: Music and Temporality in Vernon  Lee's Studies of the Eighteenth Century in Italy and A Wicked Voice

Shafquat Towheed (Institute of English Studies/Open University)
 Vernon Lee, Musical Memory and the Remembrance of Sounds Past

Delia Da Sousa Correa (Open University)
 Katherine Mansfield and Nineteenth-Century Musicality

Emma Sutton (University of St Andrews)
 Musical Militarism: Virginia Woolf and the Case of Opera 

14.00-16.20  Musical 'Others' (chair: Lesley Wright)

Judith Barger
 Female Organists in Victorian Fiction

Claire Mabilat
 Sir Henry Rider Haggard's (1856-1925) Constructions of African Masculinity: Otherness, Violence and Music

Annegret Fauser (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
 Notes From Afar: Imagined Soundscapes in Fétis's Histoire générale de la

Kerry Murphy (University of Melbourne)
 Théophile Gautier: Critic and Traveller-Writer 

16.20-16.50  Tea

16.50-17.45  Plenary session: Pedagogy and Interdisciplinarity
(chair: Robert Fraser)

Matthew Baumer (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
Delia da Sousa Correa (Open University)
David Mosley (University of Louisville)
17.45-19.00  Keynote: Katherine Kolb (Southeastern Louisiana University)
'Mastering Beethoven'

Tuesday 3 July

9.00-10.45  Issues in Reception (chair: Graham Falconer)

Christopher Wiley (City University)
 Mozart's Requiem, Musical Biography, and the Great Last Work

Mark Everist (University of Southampton)
 Mozart and the Nineteenth-Century Parisian Press: the Musicography of
 Blaze de Bury

Francesco Izzo (University of Southampton)
 Poems for Rossini in Teatri, arti, e letteratura: 1829-30 and 1836-37 

9.00-10.45  Germanic Aesthetics (chair: Annegret Fauser)

Francien Markx (Emory University)
 'To form a more perfect union': the Marriage of Words and Notes in Johann
 Friedrich Reichardt's Music Drama

Matthew Baumer (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)~
 'To render their perception more plain?' Narrative versus Interpretative
 Programs in Liszt's Weimar Works

David Mosley (University of Louisville)
 E.T.A. Hoffmann's Critique of Kant's Aesthetic Judgment 

10.45-11.15  Coffee

11.15-13.00  Defining Musical Forms (chair: Mark Everist)

Haiganuº Preda-Schimek
 Terminology in Music Analysis between 1770 and 1840

Jon-Tomas Godin (Université de Montréal)
 Nobility of Form: the Sonata in the Nineteenth Century

Bruce Whiteman (William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, UCLA)
 Text and Music in Ernest Chausson's Serres chaudes 

11.15-13.00  Music's Historical Relationship with Words (chair: Matthew Riley)

Matthew Head (University of Southampton)
 The Fallacy of Music's Emancipation from Words around 1800

James Garratt (University of Manchester)
 'Literature's protest against the rise of music': Music Criticism in Die

Ben Whitworth (Leeds Trinity & All Saints)
 Hymns Without Music: Literary Appropriations of the Latin Hymn Tradition 

13.00-14.00   Lunch

14.00-16.20  Romanticism: Musical Women and Other Stories (chair: Delia Da Sousa Correa)

Aisling Kenny (National University of Ireland, Maynooth)
 Josephine Lang's Heine Lieder: An Individual Synthesis of Poetry and Music

Julia Effertz (Oxford Brookes University)
 Of Songbirds and their Chroniclers. The Woman Singer and her Song in
 Romantic Narrative Texts: a Struggle of Gender and Music?

Noelle Chao (University of California, Los Angeles)
 Music and Radcliffe's Gothic: Listening and Performance in The Mysteries
 of Udolpho

Matthew Riley (University of Birmingham)
 The Genre of Romanticism: E. T. A. Hoffmann's other 'Musical Writings' 

14.00-16.20   Music, Language, Literature (chair: Peter Dayan)

Sonja Bayerlein
 Music and Nature in Joseph von Eichendorff's 'Das Marmorbild'

David Evans (University of St Andrews)
 Théodore de Banville: the Problem of Music in Post-Romantic French Poetry

Helen Abbott (University of Wales, Bangor)
 'La Partition' or 'The Great Divide'. Performing Poetry as Music:
 Baudelaire's 'L'Invitation au voyage' and song settings by Cressonnois
 and Duparc

Giuseppe Albano (University of Edinburgh)
 Kipling, Stevenson, and 'The Music of Poetry' 

16.20-16.50  Tea

16.50-17.45  Plenary: Critical Language and Methodology (chair: Phyllis

Noelle Chao (University of California, Los Angeles)
Matthew Head (University of Southampton)
Peter Dayan (University of Edinburgh) 


Programme committee
Prof. Katharine Ellis (Director, IMR), Prof. Naomi Segal (Director, IGRS),
Dr Phyllis Weliver (St Louis University)

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