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Byzantine Musical Culture
American Society of Byzantine Music and Hymnology

Athens, September 2007

An international organisation devoted to the scholarly study of music and ecclesiastic hymnographic literature of the Byzantine empire and the post-Byzantine period. In collaboration with the Byzantine Studies Initiative of the University of Pittsburgh and with the organisational collaboration and support of the European Arts Center (EUARCE), we announce the First International Conference of the Society entitled BYZANTINE MUSICAL CULTURE. For full details and to participate: The Conference is dedicated, in memoriam, to St-John Chrysostom, one of the pivotal Fathers of Christianity, 1600 years since his passing. The Conference is confirmed to be held at the state-of-the art Conference Center of the Athens Information Technology Center ( in the Athens suburb of Paeanea, Greece. The Conference is scheduled to be held between September 10-14, 2007, Greece. AIT, the concert venues, the European Arts Center and Athens are served well by Hotel Akraion (, which will accomodate all participants. Minibus service will be provided to all the attendees between the hotel and all the venues as detailed at: Athens is the main attraction in the prefecture of Attica and serving as Greece's historical center offers a unique setting for the scholar and musicologist including numerous sites of archaeological interest, museums, libraries and ecclesiastic locations. On-line abstract submission deadline is July 31st, 2007 for reduced rate and August 20th for full rate. On-line registration deadline is also July 31st, 2007 for reduced rate and August 20th for full rate. Although registration at full rate is available on site, we regret that we cannot accept abstracts after the 20th of August. The conference will consist of a series of core thematic sessions along with musical interludes and guided tours of sites and venues relevant to the overall theme. The plenary sessions will feature distinguished invited guests and the thematic sessions will then follow. The conference will focus on the following thematic cores: -Ecclesiastic music of Orthodoxy worldwide -Ecclesiastic musical codices and manuscripts -Byzantine hymnology & poetry -Byzantine musicology -Philosophy & theology of Byzantine music -Sociology of Byzantine music & hymnology -Influence of Byzantine music & hymnology in Balkan and Eastern European ethnosocial development -Secular and ethnic music in Byzantium PROGRAM: MONDAY SEPTEMBER 10, 2007 Welcome Reception Presentation of "Markos Eugenikos", a poetic/theatrical works written by the eminent poet Ioannis Koutsoheras (1904-1994) at the European Arts Center. TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 11-THURSDAY 13, 2007 Keynote Presentations, Abstract Presentations Musical interlude (mid-day) Evening musical performances (choral ensembles) FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 14, 2007 Evening concert SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 15, 2007 Archieratical Orthros and Liturgy at the historical church of St. John Chrysostom in Paeanea, built between 1680-90 and rendered by the hagiographers of the reknown Georgiou Markou Argeius school Afternoon-Evening: Excursion to sites of interest of the prefecture of Attica Closing Reception Back to top of page
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