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"I Sing who I Am": Identity, Ethnicity and Individuality in Chinese Music
European Foundation for Chinese Music Research (CHIME), Twelfth International Conference

School of Music, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, 11 to 14 October 2007

   A great deal of music is bound to one particular place, region, or
group of people. How are identity and the sense of belonging expressed in
the case of (vocal or instrumental) music in China, or in the Chinese
diaspora? What does it mean, or what did it mean when we think of music
from past periods, to be musically and culturally different from others?
What are the implications in terms of ethnicity, especially in terms of
the raised ethnic awareness within China in recent times? How have
resulting policies affected or influenced the music and identity of ethnic
minorities? If people become more introspective about their local
group/ethnic identities, do they simply (try to) invigorate their musical
traditions? If so, do they in this process also run the risk of
idealizing, theatricalizing, perhaps even destroying their music? What
role(s) do (ethno)musicologists, museums and archives play in this regard?
Last but not least, to what extent do individuals in Chinese music
actually "sing (or play)" who they are? How much room is there for the
expression of the individual in cultural realms so often thought of as
strongly "communal"?

   These questions will be the focus of the 12th Conference of the
European Foundation for Chinese Music Research (CHIME) to be held as a
four-day meeting in Dublin from 11 to 14 October 2007. Issues of identity,
ethnicity and individuality will be addressed in individual papers, but
also in panels, round tables, interviews with musicians, concerts and
brief recitals. Participation in this meeting, to be organized by the
School of Music at University College Dublin, is open to all interested
scholars and students in the realms of Asian Studies, (Ethno-)Musicology,
Sinology, Anthropology and all related fields. The conference will be
bilingual, allowing presentations in English and in Chinese. Speakers in
Chinese are expected to bring a written English translation of their
papers which can be handed out to the audience.
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