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AMS Quebec City, 1–4 November 2007

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AMS Quebec City
1-4 Nov 2007
Call for Papers

Deadline: 5 p.m. EST,
16 January 2007

The Annual Meeting of the AMS will be held in Quebec City, Canada, from Thursday, 1 November, to Sunday, 4 November. The Program Committee welcomes proposals for individual papers, formal sessions, and evening panel discussions in all areas of musicology. We will continue to follow the guidelines adopted in 2005, which allow longer abstracts and thirty-minute papers. Please read these guidelines carefully, as proposals that do not conform to them will not be considered.

Proposals must be received by 5 p.m., EST, Tuesday, 16 January 2007. All persons submitting proposals are invited to do so by mail, addressed to AMS Quebec City Program Committee, attn: Robert Judd, American Musicological Society, Bowdoin College, 6010 College Station, Brunswick ME 04011-8451, or on the Web at www.ams-net.org. Proposals must not exceed words, and, if mailed, must be printed in 10- or 12-point single-spaced sans serif typeface on one 8.5 x 11-inch or A4 page. Proposals sent by regular mail must include (on a separate page): the author’s name, institutional affiliation or city of residence, audio-visual requirements, and full return address, including e-mail address whenever possible. If submitting electronically, the on-screen directions should be followed carefully. Please note that proposals longer than 500 words will be automatically truncated. As in the past, only one submission per author will be considered.

No one may appear on the Quebec City program more than twice. An individual may deliver a paper and appear one other time on the program, whether participating in an evening panel discussion, functioning as a chair-organizer of a session, or serving as a respondent, but may not deliver a lecture-recital or concert. Not counting as an appearance is participation in extra-programmatic offerings such as interest-group meetings or standing committee presentations (e.g., the Committee on the Status of Women).

Receipts will be sent to all who submit proposals. Those who submit proposals via mail should provide either an e-mail address or self-addressed stamped postcard for this purpose. Receipts will be sent by the beginning of February 2007.
Length of presentations: The length of presentations submitted by individuals and those proposed as part of formal sessions will be limited to thirty minutes in order to allow ample time for discussion. Position papers delivered as part of a panel discussion should be no more than ten minutes long.

Individual proposals: Proposals should represent the talk as fully as possible. A successful proposal typically articulates and substantiates major aspects of its argument or research findings clearly, points out the novelty of the proposal (and its relation to earlier work), and indicates its significance for the scholarly community. Authors will be asked to revise their proposals for the book distributed at the meeting; the version read by the Program Committee can remain confidential. If a submission is not an individual proposal, it should be labeled as belonging to one of the following categories.

Formal sessions: An organizer representing several individuals may propose a Formal Session, which may take the form of (1) an entire session of four papers, or (2) a half session with two papers. In a -word anonymous proposal, the organizer should set out the rationale for the session, explaining the importance of the topic and the proposed grouping of papers, together with a suggested chairperson (who would be named). The organizer should also include a proposal for each paper, which conforms to the guidelines for individual proposals stated above. Formal Session proposals will normally be considered as a unit, accepted or rejected as a whole. Applicants who would permit their proposal to be considered in the event that the complete Formal Session proposal is not accepted should indicate as much at submission (a check-off box for this is included in the online form). All organizers, including those who wish to include respondents, must observe the forty-five-minute slots for pap
er presentation and discussion.

Evening panel discussions: Evening panel discussions are intended to accommodate proposals that are amenable to an exchange of ideas in a public forum. These may examine a central body of scholarly work, a methodological theme, or research in progress. Such panels should comprise participants’ brief position statements, followed by general discussion among panelists and audience. Panel discussions will be scheduled for the same duration of time as full or half sessions of papers and will take place during the evenings. Organizers of panel discussions should submit the names of all panelists in a proposal of no more than 500 words that outlines the issues, clarifies the rationale behind the proposal, describes the activities envisioned, and explains why each panelist has been chosen. Such a proposal will not be vetted anonymously and will be considered only as a whole. Organizers of panel discussions may not also present a formal paper in the same year or in the preceding one, but
panelists may do so. Organized, on-going study groups and affiliated societies should contact Robert Judd at the AMS office about scheduling a room for their meetings rather than applying under this category.

Program Committee procedures: The Program Committee will evaluate and discuss all the proposals anonymously (i.e., with no knowledge of authorship) and initially choose roughly 120 papers. The authors of all proposals will then be revealed, and approximately twenty-four more papers will be selected from the remaining proposals, for a total of 144. No paper accepted during the first round of discussion will be eliminated in the second round. Session chairs will be discussed by the whole committee, taking into account nominations, including self-nominations, sent to the AMS office by 10 March 2007.

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