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Francesco Buti

Parma, Arezzo and Narni, November 2007

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Dear colleagues,

it is our pleasure to inform you of an International Congress on Francesco
Buti to be held in November 2007. The congress is part of the National
Research Project financed by the Italian Ministero dell'UniversitÓ e della
ricerca scientifica and by the Universities of Parma, L'Aquila, Cremona,
Palermo, and Roma LUMSA. It is organized in collaboration with the
Municipalities of Arezzo and Narni (Terni), of Radio Svizzera Italiana,
and SocietÓ Quarks srl. Most of the sessions will take place at the
University of Parma, Parma at the Casa della musica, with some of them to
be held in Arezzo and Narni. The scientific committee, chaired by
Francesco Luisi, is composed of Maria Rossana Caira (Roma-LUMSA), Ivano
Cavallini (Palermo), Arnaldo Morelli (L'Aquila), Rodobaldo Tibaldi

Research concerning Francesco Buti largely ceased during the first decades
of the twentieth century, although a few recent essays investigate
particular dramaturgical aspects with reference to the re-examination of
"Orfeo" and "Ercole amante." The work of Buti, in fact, was not limited
solely to the writing of libretti, as he assumed a fundamental role in the
political relations between the larger centers of European power. His
position, consolidated by the Barberini family in Rome and further
reinforced by Cardinal Mazarin in Paris, signaled the beginning of
formidable activity in which he was especially valued for his diplomatic
duties. His actions facilitated the arrival of the exiled Barberinis in
Paris, and with them the penetration of Italian opera already known as
'Roman'; his responsibility as superintendent for court opera and as the
director of the Italian artists in the French capital led him to assume a
central role in the choice and in the transformation of the dramaturgy of
the Parisian court and of the modification of the operatic style. The aim
of the congress will be to enhance the study of his role as dramaturg, as
politician, as an organizer of theatrical events open to the innovations
of scenography and ballet, as the co-ordinator of musical activities at
Paris, as a cultural communicator, as a supporter of lyric theatre, and as
an innovator of dramaturgical language. All of these aspects of Buti's
activities merit further investigation. Different sessions will be devoted
to Buti as an historical and poetic figure, to his relationship with the
Italian and French courts, and his dramaturgy.

We propose the following as general themes:
- Buti and his time, his cultural and impresarial policy
- Dramaturgy of Buti's operas (dramatic texts, choreography, spectacles and
- The circulation of dramatic and poetic texts
- Different traditions of poetic texts
- Different traditions of musical texts
- The relationship with G. C. Raggioli and G. F. Apolloni (session to be held
  in Arezzo)
- New biographical data (session to be held in Narni)

Other projects - issues from new approaches and original research - will
also be considered.

Proposals must be sent to Francesco Luisi by 31
December 2006. Please include a title and short abstract (250 words) and
postal and electronic mail addresses as well as institutional affiliation.
The official languages are Italian, French and English. The scientific
committee will read and select the proposals in January 2007.

With our best regards

Parma, 15 luglio 2006							
Francesco Luisi
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