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Rethinking Late Style: Art, Literature, Music, Film

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Rethinking Late Style: Art, Literature, Music, Film

An International Conference
Presented by King's College London and the University of Plymouth 
with the assistance of the Royal Musical Association

King's College London,
Strand, London
Friday 16 - Saturday 17 November 2007           

What do we mean when we speak of the ‘late style’ of a given writer, artist or composer? And what exactly, then, do we mean when we speak of ‘Beethoven’s late style’, ‘Shakespeare’s late plays' or 'Titian's  late work’? In speaking of a creative artist's 'late phase', are we imagining a rejuvenated period of serene, abstract creativity late in life? Or a phase of difficult, resistant work, a raging against the light's dying? Do we attribute the change in style and attitude we think we see in late work to old age or to the proximity of death at any age, young or old? How do we negotiate those artists, from Hardy to Picasso, who have self-consciously carved out a late style, often in the process suppressing material that does not comfortably fit the testamentary trajectory? And how can we address the uncomfortably canonical nature of late style and the exclusions that inevitably brings with it?

This international, interdisciplinary conference brings together scholars of film, literature, music and the visual arts to explore the phenomenon of late style across the arts. It aims to open up a dialogue between these disciplines and to ask some fundamental questions about a widely-used concept which is presumed to transcend place, date and art form.

Speakers include the following:

Glenn Most (Chicago/Pisa) on late Sophocles, Euripides, Shakespeare
John Deathridge (King's) on late Strauss
Cliff Eisen (King's) on late Mozart
Mary Ann Smart (Berkeley) on eighteenth-century opera and lateness
Gordon McMullan (King's) on late Shakespeare
Sam Smiles (Plymouth) on late Turner
Philip Gossett (Chicago) on late Rossini
William Kinderman (Illinois) on late Beethoven
Linda and Michael Hutcheon (Toronto) on late Britten
Elizabeth Cowling (Edinburgh) on late Picasso
Robert Hampson (Royal Holloway) on late Conrad
Richard Shiff on late Cézanne
Ulf Kuester (Beyeler Foundation) on late Menzel, Jawlensky, Matisse, Hartung
Mignon Nixon (Courtauld) on late Bourgeois
Denis Flannery (Leeds) on late James and late Jarman
Philip Horne (UCL) on late Kieslowski

Details, programme and online registration at <http://www.plymouth.ac.uk/arts/rethinkinglatestyle>.

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