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The Art of Record Production Conference 2007

Brisbane, Australia, December 10 - 11, 2007

Call For Papers

The Third Annual Art of Record Production Conference will take place in
Brisbane, Australia from December 10 - 11, 2007, with an optional special
event on Dec 9 (more details soon). The conference will be hosted by
Professor Andy Arthurs at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
and the proceedings will be published on-line. Papers will be selected
after peer review by an international panel of academics.

Papers are invited on all aspects of record production but we are
particularly interested in work on:

* Lo-Fi vs Hi-Fi  - the future of the studio and the producer. The
association of large studios with large sales and small studios  with
small sales is no longer a given. How has practice changed? How will it
change in the future? What are the roles of the producer, engineer, sound
designer, artist, songwriter and performer and to what extent are these
still delineated as separate or conflated? What is the place for the
professional, the amateur or the pro/am?

* Recording as a compositional process. Which comes first, the recording
or the performance? A recording is pivotal in the compositional act. To
what extent does it drive the process? Has recording demolished the
concept of authenticity? To what extent is the recording the modern score?

* Sound recording, new technologies and new contexts. For over 50 years
recording has not necessarily meant the documentation of a single sound
event. Nor is it always merely a linear product such as a song, a symphony
or a film soundtrack. Record producers often need to understand the new
contexts in which their work will exist. Increasingly uses have become
more fluid and interactive. Recorded sound is now part of the fabric of
games, the internet, emerging media, mobile networks, and live
performance. New aesthetics have emerged in parallel with technical and
creative innovations. Is there still a directorial role for a producer to
"get the best from the musicians"? Are streaming and downloading our
friends or foes? What of the legal issues and initiatives such as Creative

* The art surrounding the art. In a world where no discipline is an
island, what is the interaction with, and impact upon record production of
videos, cd covers, online spaces and virtual sites?

Proposals for individual papers and poster presentations should not exceed
300 words.

Proposals for panels should include the names and brief CVs of all panel
members and their individual contributions and should not exceed 1000

Proposals should be submitted electronically to:

The deadline for submissions is Friday 29th June 2007.

Simon Zagorski-Thomas
London College of Music
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