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Tonality in Perspective
27-29 March 2008, King's College London

In association with: the Royal Musical Association, the Society for
Music Analysis, the Institute of Musical Research and King's College
London. With special thanks to Music & Letters for their generous support.


Provisional Programme

Thursday, 27 March

09.00 Registration and Coffee
10.30 Daniel Chua: Welcome and Introduction to the Conference

11.00 Session 1: Tonalité, Tonality, Centricity
Brian Hulse: Tonality vs. Centricity as Territorial Dispute
David Castro: Aspects of Prolongation in the Music of Shostakovich
Thomas Christensen: Tonalité Before and After

13.00 Lunch Break

14.30 Session 2: Riemann
Youn Kim: Conceptualization of Tonal Relations in Writings by Hugo
Riemann and his Contemporary Psychologists
Alexander Rehding: Riemann's Functions, Beethoven's Function
Michael Spitzer: Thoughts on Chopin's Prelude in E major

16.00 Break

16.30 Session 3: Schubert and Lieder
René Daley: Unity Revisited: Another Look at Schubert's Moment Musical,
op. 94, no. 2
Suzie Clark: On the Imagination of Tone in Schubert's Liedesend (D473),
Trost (D523), and Gretchens Bitte (D564)
Deborah Stein: The Lied as Fragment: Text and Tonal Fragmentation

Friday, 28 March

9.00 Session 1: Tonality in Perspective
John Richardson: Past Tense, Future Perfect? Hearing Glass's La Bell et
la Bête as an Exercise in Tonal Perspective
Brian Hyer: Ut Pictura Musica

10.30 Break

11.00 Session 2: Terms and Concepts
David Kopp: Rethinking Key
Ramon Satyendra: New Meanings for the Common Terms of Tonal theory
Vasili Byros: Memorizing Tonality: Beethoven's Eroica and the
le-sol-fi-sol Archetype

13.00 Lunch Break

14.30 Session 3: New Theories
Nicholas Meeùs: Philippe Cathé, Claire Meyer & Christophe
Guillotel-Nothmann (panel), Harmonic Vectors
Dmitri Tymoczko: Five Components of Tonality
Jon Wild: Pseudo-symmetry: The Interaction of Diatonic and Chromatic
Tonal Spaces in Passages Featuring Symmetrical Divisions of the Octave

17.00 Break

17.30 Roundtable

19.30 Conference Dinner

Saturday, 29 March

9.00 Session 1: Modal Journeys in the Nineteenth-Century
Nicole Biamonte: Modality in the Music of Beethoven, Schumann and Brahms
Benedict Taylor: Modal Four-Note Pitch Collections in the Music of
Dvorak's 'American' Period
Shay Loya: Transcultural Tonality in Theory and Practice

10.30 Break

11.00 Session 2: Re-viewing Tonality
Patrick McCreless "There Is Sweet Music": Thoughts on Tonality, 2008

11.50 The RMA Peter le Huray Lecture: Kofi Agawu, Tonality as Colonizing
Force in Africa

12.50 Lunch

14.30 Session 3: Tonality in the Seventeenth Century
Julie Pedneault, French Theory in the Age of Reason: Some Missing Links
in the Evolution of the Major-Minor System
Thérèse de Goede, The Rule of the Octave and its relation to Basso
Continuo in Pre-Tonal and Tonal music

15.30 Break

16.00 Session 4: Verdi
Christopher Wintle: Tonality in Verdi
Roger Parker: respondent
Nicholas Cook: Summing Up (with Round table)

Registration for the conference will be £20. For further information, please contact Dr Shay Loya: shay.loya@durham.ac.uk

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