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Carl Dahlhaus and Musicology: his Writings, his Effect, his Timeliness

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June 2008, Berlin, Germany: International Scholarly Symposium
„Carl Dahlhaus und die Musikwissenschaft: Werk, Wirkung, Aktualität“ /
„Carl Dahlhaus and Musicology: his Writings, his Effect, his Timeliness“
An international symposium focusing on the work and legacy of Carl Dahlhaus will take place from 10 to 13 June 2008 in Berlin, hosted by the Humboldt University and the Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung, under the direction of Hermann Danuser, Peter Gülke and Norbert Miller. The symposium has the following three aims: to analyse Dahlhaus’ writings and discuss their importance for musicology and its shift towards the New Musicology and beyond; to scrutinize the structure of Dahlhaus’ musicological thinking and theories; and to present and develop new research on Dahlhaus.

The panels will be as follows: “Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Music”, “The Edition Carl Dahlhaus: Gesammelte Schriften in 10 Bänden”, “Criticism”, “Ways out of an Old Musicology – a paradigm shift?”, “Reading Dahlhaus: Four Approaches to Zur Methode der Opern-Analyse”, “Dramaturgy of Opera”, “Theory and musical analysis”, “Towards a New Musicology: Perspectives of musical historiography”. The symposium will be held in German.

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Registration required via email to dahlhaus2008@gmail.com

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