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English Cathedral Music: The Long Nineteenth Century to the Present

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English Cathedral Music: The Long Nineteenth Century to the Present

RMA Study Day

9 July 2008

University of Durham

This study day explores the English cathedral music tradition from the long nineteenth century to the present, especially its qualities as a musical tradition and its place in English, Commonwealth, and religious identity.

List of Papers and Events.
Paper Session I – The Nineteenth Century.

  1. Paper 1 – Peter Horton – Samuel Sebastian Wesley: The Last of the Old, or the First of the New?
  2. Paper 2 – Laura Stokes – Mendelssohn’s Oratorios and Late Nineteenth-Century Cathedral Music.
  3. Paper 3 – Anthony Rooley – Self-Imposed Exile: Robert Lucas Pearsall - Craftsmanship, Historical Awareness, Crisis and Humour in Music for Formal Liturgy, Private Devotion and Social Pleasure 1845-1855.

Paper Session II – Airwaves and Across the Waves: (Re-)Defining and Disseminating the Tradition.

  1. Paper 4 – Rebecca Frost (née Riding) – The BBC and English Cathedral Music: 1922 – 1931.
  2. Paper 5 – Ian Burk – How shall We Sing the Lord's Song in a Strange Land? (Psalm 137: 4): The English Cathedral Music Tradition in Australia.
  3. Paper 6 – Stephanie Martin – Canadian by Adoption: Healey Willan’s Sacred Music.

Paper Session III – Ancient and Modern in the Twentieth Century.

  1. Paper 7 – Suzanne Cole – S. Royle Shore’s Cathedral Series and the Tudor Church Music Edition in Context.
  2. Paper 8 – Laura Meadows – ‘It is Very Modern, But I Think it Will Do’: Elgar’s Te Deum and Benedictus and the Creation of Modernist Cathedral Music.
  3. Paper 9 – Joseph Sargent – Howells’ Depersonalized Requiem.

Keynote Address – Tim Day – How Might We Study the History of ‘Sweet Singing in the Choir’?
Choral Evensong in Durham Cathedral; Conference Dinner at St. Chad’s College; Organ Recital in Durham Cathedral.


Further information about the event can be found at (http://www.dur.ac.uk/john-bede.pauley/cathedralmusic.htm) or by contacting John-Bede Pauley (jpauley@csbsju.edu)

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