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Early Music Editing: Principles, Techniques, and Future Directions

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Early Music Editing: Principles, Techniques, and Future Directions

Utrecht University, The Netherlands
3-5 July 2008

Keynote speaker: Dr. Margaret Bent (All Souls College, Oxford)

Program committee: Marnix van Berchum, Theodor Dumitrescu, Eric Jas, Karl Kügle,
Rudolf Rasch

In the study and performance of pre-Classical western music, few elements
fluctuate so rapidly as fashions in the interpretative and presentational
aspects of music transcriptions. Often unspoken and unscrutinized editorial
decisions play a key role in shaping the modern reception and understanding of
early repertories. With the advent of significant new technologies changing the
face of publishing across the entire globe, the time is ripe for a critical
reevaluation of the principles and assumptions which inform the creation and
distribution of early music scores for modern readers.

Proposals on any aspect of edition-making and transcription regarding
repertories up to c. 1750 are welcome, including but not limited to: music
philology and the status of textual criticism; lessons from past and current
edition projects; impact on performance and analysis; editing and music
pedagogy; the role of information technology and digital media in music editing.

Paper length: 30 minutes
Proposals for round tables and special sessions/workshops are also welcome.

Proposal deadline: 1 February 2008

Abstracts: Please send abstracts of no more than 250 words, including title,
author name, and affiliation/location, either via e-mail to
EditingConference_at_cmme.org or via post to:

Dr. Theodor Dumitrescu
Universiteit Utrecht
Kromme Nieuwegracht 29
3512HD Utrecht
The Netherlands

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