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Music after Fascism: Cultural Rebuilding in Post-War Europe

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The Royal Musical Association announces:

Music after fascism: cultural rebuilding in post-war Europe
A Study Day

Venue: Department of Music, University of York
Saturday, 12th July 2008

9:30 Coffee and Registration
9:50 Welcome


10:00 Francesco Parrino (Royal Holloway) The Freedom of (Musical)
Interpretation: Massimo Mila vis-à-vis Fascist and Communist (Musical)

10:40 Peter Roderick (University of York) Dallapiccola in London: the
re-internationalisation of post-war Italian music

11:20 Coffee


11:40 Dr Paola Merli (De Montfort University, Leicester)
La Scala, cultural policy and the legacy of Fascism: 1945-48

12:20 Dr Ben Earle (University of Birmingham)
'The Real Thing - At Last'? Historicizing Humphrey Searle

1:00 Lunch


2:00 Keynote Address: Dr Toby Thacker (University of Cardiff)
Musical oppositions in post-war Europe: construction and deconstruction

3:00 Dr Nicholas Reyland (Keele University)
The Postmodern Modernists of Poland's Protean Thaw

3:40 Coffee


3:50 Carlos Duque (City University, London) Constructing an Identity in
Exile: The Musical Materials of Roberto Gerhard.

4:25 Eva Moreda, (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Spanish Music, 1945-1951: Post-fascism, Para-fascism, National-Catholicism?

5:00 Round Table: Dr Toby Thacker, Dr Jenny Doctor (Uni. York), Dr
Nicholas Reyland, Dr Ben Earle, Professor Nicola Lefanu (Uni. York,

5:45 Close

For more information email the convenor (por100@yor.ac.uk) or the RMA
Student Liaison Officer (sjbagust@onetel.com). A registration fee of £10
(payable to the Royal Musical Association) can be sent to: Susan Bagust RMA
Student Liaison Officer, Wold Farm Cottage, Bishop Wilton, York YO42 1SX.
(The event is free for RMA/ University of York members who give details of


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