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Russia Abroad: Music and Russian Orthodoxy

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An international conference "Russia Abroad: Music and Russian
Orthodoxy" will be held in the Library-Foundation "Russia Abroad"
www.bfrz.ru from 17 to 19 September 2008.

The conference will examine various aspects of the musical life and
activities of Russian Orthodox diasporas in the twentieth century. We
welcome interdisciplinary approaches considering music in wide
historical and church-historical contexts and revealing recurring
patterns in the development of different forms of art.

The range of possible subjects:

  • The Orthodox Church as a spiritual fulcrum of the musical and
    artistic life of the Russian diasporas;
  • The influence of Russian Orthodoxy on the activities of secular
    musicians and ensembles;
  • The heritage of Russian Orthodox musical diasporas in archives,
    museums and libraries;
  • The development of the traditions of Russian church art in diaspora
  • Centres and schools of ecclesiastical art in the Russia Abroad;
  • Outstanding masters: their work and destiny;
  • Art and the borders of Orthodox Church jurisdictions;
  • Orthodoxy and non-Orthodox Christianity: interaction and isolation in art;
  • The influence of Russian Orthodoxy on the musical culture of
    emigres' countries of residence;
  • Orthodox art of the Russian Emigration against the background of
    political changes.

Papers may be accompanied by audio, video and photographic materials.
Computer presentations are also possible.

The working languages are Russian and English.

An exhibition is planned. The "Kastalsky" Moscow Male-Voice Chamber
Choir (directed by Alexey Rudnevsky) will give a concert of music by
emigre composers.

Conference coordinators:
Svetlana Nikolaevna Dubrovina – Head of the International Department,
Library-Foundation "Russia Abroad",
Dmitry Konstantinovich Trubchaninov – Coordinator of International
Programmes, Library-Foundation "Russia Abroad",
Conference curator:
Svetlana Georgievna Zvereva – Senior Research Fellow, State Institute
for the Study of the Arts.

Please send questions about the conference organization to Dmitry
Trubchaninov: spandau@bfrz.ru

Please send paper proposals by 30 July to Svetlana Zvereva: zvereva@rambler.ru


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