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BÖSE. MACHT. MUSIK. – Evil in Music

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BÖSE. MACHT. MUSIK. – Evil in Music

Invitation to the 22nd student symposium by the German association of
Students of musicology (DVSM e.V.), 10/10-10/12/2008 at the department
of music of Oldenburg University.
Evil lurks everywhere – even in music.

It is tempting and repulsive at the same time. It is unimaginable –
yet it captures our imagination. It has always been and it will always
be. We are going to enter the twilight zone which marks the boundaries
between music and evil. By putting the three German words 'böse'
(evil), 'Macht' (power, but also a finite form of 'machen' - to make/
to do) and 'Musik' in different orders, three distinct topics can be
created, which give a structure to the symposium:
1. BÖSE MACHT MUSIK. - Evil makes music.

This topic gives room for philosophical, theological, sociological or
aesthetic approaches, as well as economic aspects of music.
2. MACHT MUSIK BÖSE? - Does music make evil?

An interrogation which arouses further questions, concerning music
psychology, music sociology, music therapy and music education.
3. MACHT BÖSE MUSIK! - Let's make evil music!

Appealing to everyone involved into creating sinister sounds: Let's
make evil music because if evil is music, it can't be too bad!

Our intention is to enlighten the dark and to scientifically approach
the mystery of evil in music. We would like to invite students,
doctorands, young scientists and artists, also from other disciplines
to contribute to one of these topics. We are going to arrange
accomodation and refund travel expenses as far as our budget allows.
Submitted lectures should not exceed a time limit of 30 minutes and
should offer room for further discussions. Please send your
application including a short abstract of your lecture (english or
german, max. 300 words) until Apr. 30th, 2008 to the following


For more information please visit our web site: www.boese-macht-musik.de

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