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Organs in Art / Organs as Art

CUNY Graduate Center, New York, 15-17 October 2008

Research Center for Music Iconography
at The City University of New York Graduate Center
and the
Organ Historical Society
announce an international conference

Organs in Art / Organs as Art

Directed by Zdravko Blažekovic and Laurence Libin

Proposals for papers on topics such as the following are

Organs in Art

Organs in non-Western images

Depictions of organs in Antiquity and early Middle Ages

Organs and pipes as symbols of intellect (e.g., Athanasius

Portative organs in Memlinck and Raphael

Organs in Dutch baroque paintings

Technical illustrations of organs (e.g., Dom Bedos)

Organ case preparatory sketches

Satirical impressions of organs in 19th- and 20th-century

Organs in advertising and comics

Organs in film (e.g., Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and
horror films)

Organs as Art

Embossing, painting, stenciling, and other techniques of pipe

Conservation and documentation of historical organ cases

Symmetry vs. asymmetry in organ façade design

Organs as visual symbols of civic pride and religious

Organ cases as furniture and architecture (e.g., Robert Adam,
Frank Gehry)

Renaissance painted cases and shutters

Angel musicians embellishing organ cases

Decoration of Mexican baroque organs

Theatre organ consoles as fantastic visions

Organ components in avant-garde sounding sculpture

Abstracts of 200-300 words must be submitted before 1
February 2008 to:

      Dr. Zdravko Blažekovic
      Research Center for Music Iconography
      The City University of New York Graduate Center
      365 Fifth Avenue
      New York, NY 10016-4309

Selected papers presented at the conference will be published
in The Tracker and Music in Art.

Further information will be posted at
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