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Arts and Terror International Conference

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Arts and Terror International Conference
School of Interdisciplinary Arts
College of Fine Arts
Ohio University
Athens, Ohio

Ohio University School of Interdisciplinary Arts announces an international conference on Arts and Terror to be held on May 15-17, 2009, in Athens, Ohio, U.S.A.

Arts and terror are no strangers to each other. Greek tragedy was calculated to terrify. Medieval church-goers faced visions of the Last Judgment as they were leaving after mass. Goya was haunted by the terror of both war and his own fantasies. Today the horror film industry capitalizes on such fantasies. The Nigerian artist Obiora Udechukwu's work bears witness to the human devastation wreaked by contemporary conflict. On 9/11, terror emerged as a defining force in political discourse and moved a major avant-garde composer to evoke – scandalously – the sentiment of the sublime.

The conference seeks to examine the relationship between arts and terror through a wide range of disciplines in arts, humanities, and social sciences. What is the nature of terror as it has found and continues to find expression in the arts? How do experiences and representations of horror vary across cultural and historical boundaries? What is the connection, if any, between the terrible and the comical, fear and laughter? What are the effects of recurring holocausts and terror campaigns on our artistic sensibilities and projects? Conversely, does artistic engagement with the experience of terror dispel or promote, neutralize or exacerbate our fascination with the terrible? How are contemporary representations and enactments of this fascination related to the aesthetic doctrines of "pity and fear" and the romantic or postmodern sublime? Papers that deploy interdisciplinary methodologies are particularly welcome.

Submit a 250-word abstract by December 1, 2008. Selected presenters will be notified by January 1, 2009. Papers must be no more than 20 minutes in length. Panel proposals will be accepted. Please indicate if you are willing to serve as a moderator on a panel.

Plans for publication of conference proceedings are under consideration.

Contact: Vladimir L. Marchenkov, School of Interdisciplinary Arts, Lindley Hall 120, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio 45701, marchenk@ohio.edu

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