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Critical Perspectives on Schenker: Toward a New Research Paradigm

University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana, March 19-20, 1994

Heinrich Schenker is without question one of the most influential music
theorists of the twentieth century.  His theories form an essential
foundation for many contemporary investigations into the structure of
tonal music, and continue to inspire an enormous volume of scholarship
devoted to their application and dissemination.  Theorists who have
continued the Schenkerian tradition have done so largely by refining and
codifying Schenker's methods, in the process creating many revealing
analyses of eighteenth and nineteenth century masterworks.  In addition,
some of these scholars have suggested intriguing possibilities for
reshaping Schenker's analytic methods in order to embrace a wider range of
musical styles and parameters. Though these efforts have enriched current
discourse on musical structure, one could argue that they have not gone
far enough in the direction of revisionism, and that they have been
constrained perhaps by a reluctance to question fundamental elements of
Schenkerian thought and methodology.  More openly critical treatments of
Schenker have in fact come from outside the Schenkerian tradition
entirely, but many of these have tended towards a position of opposition
to the entire Schenkerian enterprise.  Thus, very few contemporary
approaches to Schenker adopt the sort of sympathetic yet critical attitude
toward underlying premises that is essential for progress in any field. 

In response, this conference brings together scholars from diverse
backgrounds who are receptive to Schenker's analytic practice, but who
seek to continue the Schenkerian project through critical engagement with
its foundational principles and methodology.  The participants will
present original historical, theoretical, analytical, and comparative
studies, in a common effort to consider the possibilities for a new
Schenkerian research paradigm. 

"Rhetoric, Schenker, and Early Beethoven" Patrick McCreless, University of Texas at Austin "Beethoven's Schenker: Urlinie and the Heroic Style" Scott Burnham, Princeton University "The Problem of Derivation in Schenker's Formal Language" Allan Keiler, Brandeis University "God, Country, Ursatz: Internal Challenges to Schenkerian Hierarchy." Joseph Lubben, Brandeis University "Structural Tonic or Apparent Tonic?: Parametric Conflict, Phenomenological Perspective, and a Continuum of Articulative Possibilities" Peter Smith, University of Notre Dame "Thirty-Two Ways to Filter Schubert Through Your Ears: The Confrontation of Ideology and Schenkerian Analytic Practice" David Neumeyer, Indiana University "Motives, Contexts, and Schenkerian Analysis" Pieter van den Toorn, University of California at Santa Barbara "What Did Schenker Mean by Prolongation?" Joseph Dubiel, Columbia University
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