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Music Theory Midwest/Indiana University Graduate Theory Association

Bloomington, May 1994

Music Theory Midwest/IU GTA Conference Program

A joint meeting of Music Theory Midwest (Fifth Annual Conference) and
the Indiana University Graduate Theory Association (Eighth Biennial
Symposium of Research in Music Theory) was held May 13-15, 1994, in the
Musical Arts Center on the Indiana University campus.



1:00-3:00  Session I. History of Theory
Thomas Christensen (University of Iowa), Chair

  Canon as a Pedagogical Tool: Applications from Sixteenth-Century Wittenberg
    Ralph Lorenz, University of Louisville

  Modal Equivocation in a Proto-Chorale
    David Hill, Brampton, Ontario

  D'Indy the (Not-So) Progressive: Nested Trilogies and the Trois Etats de la 
  Tonalite in Beethoven's op. 106
    Ronald Rodman, Carleton College

3:30-5:30  Session II.  Music and Meaning
Brian Hyer (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Chair

  "The Song is..." Me: Theory, Analysis, and Fiction
    Jairo A. Moreno, Yale University

  Deconstructing McClary: Narrative, Feminine Sexuality, and Feminism in
  Susan McClary's Feminine Endings
    Elizabeth Sayrs, Ohio State University

  The Multidimensionality of Musical Time: A Semiotic Analysis of Schubert's
  "Du bist die Ruh"
    Candace Brower, Northwestern University

  Elizabeth Paley (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Graduate Student
    Session Respondent


8:30-9:40  Session III.  Schenkerian Analysis
Walter Everett (University of Michigan), Chair

  Schenkerian Theory and Formal Analysis: Thematic and Tonal Structure,
  Phenomenological Perspective, and Early Beethoven
    Peter H. Smith, University of Notre Dame

  When is a line a Zug?
    Edward Klonoski, Columbus, OH

9:50-11:00  Session IV.  Twentieth-Century Masters
Eric Lai (Indiana University), Chair

  The Defining Moment: The Theme as Relational Nexus in Webern's Op. 27
    Tiina Koivisto, Helsinki, Finland

  Tonality in the Late Stravinsky: The Persistence of Memory
    Jeffrey Perry, University of North Carolina

11:10-12:20  Session V.  Rhythm and Meter
Robert Hatten (Pennsylvania State University), Chair

  Beethoven's Upbeat Attitude: Metric-Accent Clarifications in Opus 18, No. 1
    Todd B. Russell, Colonial Heights, VA

  Stasis on the Penultima and Riemann's Concept of Meter
    Brad Hunnicutt, Madison, WI

2:00-3:10  Keynote Address
  Welcome by Charles H. Webb
    Dean, School of Music, Indiana University
  Introduction by Jeffrey L. Gillespie
    President, Indiana University Graduate Theory Association

  Generalized Cycles of Fifths, Some Late-Nineteenth-Century Applications,
  and Some Extensions to Microtonal and Beat-Class Spaces 
    Richard Cohn, University of Chicago 

3:30-5:30  Session VI.  American Music
Severine Neff (University of Cincinnati), Chair

  Elliott Carter and Robert Lowell: The Order and Chaos of "In Genesis"
    Robert S. Bowers, University of Chicago

  Damon Fink (University of Cincinnati), Graduate Student Respondent

  It's Not Just "do-be-do-BOP": Structural Syncopation in Three Works of
  Miles Davis
    Claire Boge and G. Roger Davies, Miami University

  Timothy McCord (University of Cincinnati), Graduate Student Respondent

  Inherent Primitivism in Morton Subotnick's All My Hummingbirds Have Alibis
    Leigh VanHandel, SUNY Stony Brook

  Terence Pender (University of Cincinnati), Graduate Student Respondent


8:30-10:30  Session VII.  Nineteenth-Century Studies
Michael Cherlin (University of Minnesota), Chair

  Telling Stories: Brahms' Intermezzo, Op. 76, No. 4
    David Loberg Code, Western Michigan University

  Nineteenth-Century Theories of Variation
    Craig Cummings, Ithaca College

  Alternative Transformational Aspects of the "Grail" in Wagner's Parsifal
    Robert C. Cook, University of Chicago

  Brian Campbell (University of Minnesota), Graduate Student Session

10:45-12:45  Session VIII.  Perception, Cognition, and Evaluation
David Butler (Ohio State University), Chair

  An ExSPRT Systems Approach to the Assessment of Students Needing
  Remediation in Music Theory
    Timothy A. Smith, Ball State University

  An Evaluation of "Scientific" Inquiry for Music Cognition
    Clair L. Wallarab, Indiana University

  Issues of Musical Grouping and Proportion in the Real-Time Graphic
    Timothy Koozin, University of North Dakota

  C. Rockelle Strader (Ohio State University), Graduate Student Session 

12:45-1:15  Roundtable Conference Open Discussion

Local Arrangements Co-Chairs Marianne Kielian-Gilbert, MTMW Jeff Gillespie, GTA 1994 Program Committee Miguel Roig-Francoli, Chair, University of Northern Illinois Brian Campbell, University of Minnesota Eric Isaacson, Indiana University Mary Jo Lorek, University of Missouri--Kansas City Severine Neff, University of Cincinnati
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