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Music and Gender Conference

Stony Brook, September 1995

Music and Gender Conference at Stony Brook, 14-17 September 1995

Session I:
Chair: Peter Franklin (U. of Leeds)
Linda Hutchinson (U. of Toronto) & Michael Hutchinson, Ph.D: The Pox and the
Joseph Auner (SUNY, SB): Soulless Machines and Steppenwolves:
	Renegotiating Masculinity in Krenek's Jonny spielt auf
Philip Brett (U. of CA, Riverside): "Grimes is at his exercise":
	Violence, Sex and Politics in the Librettos of Peter Grimes

Special Session
Introduction: E. Ann Kaplan (Director, Humanities INST., SUNY,SB)
Catherine Clement (U. of Paris I): History's Voices Speak through Opera

Round Table: The Compositional Voice
Moderator: Elizabeth Hudson (U. of VA)
Suzanne Cusick (U. of VA)
Libby Larson (Minneapolis, MN)
Elizabeth Wood (Sarah Lawrence Coll.)

Friday, 15 September
Session II:
Chair: Gary Tomlinson (U. of PA)
Ruth Solie (Smith Coll): Fictions of the Opera Box
Mary Ann Smart (SUNY,SB): Ulterior Motives: Verdi's Recurring Themes
Peter Brooks (Yale U.): Body and Voice in Melodrama and Opera
Jeffrey Kallberg (U. of PA): Voyeurism and Voice: Convergences of Sex and
	Music in France around 1800

Session II:
Chair: Krin Gabbard (SUNY, SB)
Paula Higgins (U of Notre Dame): Music, Opera and the "New" Hollywood
Peter Rabinowitz (Hamilton Coll): "Just One Big Happy Family": The
	Rhetoric of Relationship in Showboat
Susan Cook (U. of WI-Madison): Feeling Pretty?: Constructions of Gender
	in American Musicals

Concert: An Evening of Vocal Music by Women
>From _Pieces de clavessin_ (1687)	Elisabeth Jacquet
-Chaconne L'Inconstante

Susanne et les viellards (1708)		Jacquet de la Guerre
La jolie fille de Perth (1867)		George Bizet

La montagne-noire (1895)		Augusta Holmes
-Act II, scenes ii-v

The Thief of Love (1987)		Sheila Silver

Songs from Letters (1989)		Libby Larsen

Saturday, 16 September
Session IV:
Chair: David Rosen (Cornell U)
Gilles de Van (U. de Paris III): Musical and Dramatic Forms of the
	Feminine in Massenet
Elizabeth Hudson (U. of VA): `Sing Willow': A Voice of Her Own?
Roger Parker (Oxford U):  Lina Kneels; Gilda Sings
Gary Tomlinson (U. of PA): The Voices of Opera

Session V
Chair: Sarah Fuller (SUNY,SB)
Martha Feldman (U. of Chicago): The Absent Mother in Opera Seria
Susan McClary (U of CA, LA): Gender Ambiguities and Erotic Excess in
	Seventeenth-Century Venetian Opera

Round Table: Staging Mozart's Women
Moderator: Katherine Bergeron (Berkeley)
Wye J. Allanbrook (Berkeley)
Mary Hunter (Bates Coll)
Gretchen Wheelock (Eastman)

Sunday, 17 September
Session VI
Chair: TBA
Mitchell Morris (McGill U): Tristan's Wounds: On Homosexual Wagnerians at
	the fin-de-siecle
Katherine Bergeron (Berkeley): Melisande's Hair
Heather Hadlock (Princeton U): The Career of Cherubino, or The Trouser
	Role Grows Up
Lawrence Kramer (Fordham U): Opera: Two or Three Things I Know About Her

[NB: This list is taken from the programme book.]
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