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European Musicology Conference

Trondheim, November 1995

At the one-day conference in Trondheim, in November 1995, the following papers were given:

Jim Samson, University of Bristol: On Canons and Spearheads: Schenker, Adorno and Musical Thought Between the Wars

Niels Krabbe, University of Copenhagen: Weill's and Brecht's ideas about Mahagonny

Arvid Vollsnes, University of Oslo: The Concept of Modernism in Norway in the Interwar Period

Magnar Breivik, University of Trondheim: The Concept of Musical Functionalism

Hallgjerd Aksnes, University of Oslo: Geirr Tveitt and Bela Bartok: Sons of Grieg and Brothers in Spirit

Staale Kleiberg, University of Trondheim: New Principles for Tonal Organization in David Monrad Johansen's Works from the Early Twenties

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