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International Conference on Mexican Music

University of Kansas, Department of Music and Dance
Lawrence, KS, February 14-16, 1997


All events in Swarthout Recital Hall, Murphy Hall, unless otherwise noted.

Friday, February 14

12:30-1:30 pm	Registration, Swarthout Recital Hall

1:30-2:45 pm	Session 1 - Daniel T. Politoske, chair

Stephen Anderson, Chairman, Department of Music and Dance, Welcoming Remarks

Lester D. Brothers (University of North Texas): "Musical Learning in
	Seventeenth-Century Mexico:  The Case of Francisco López Capillas"

John Koegel (Nebraska Wesleyan University): "New Sources of Late Colonial
	Mexican Dance and Salon Music"

3:15-4:30 pm    Session 2 - Walter A. Clark, chair

David Moskowitz (University of Kansas): "The Violin Concerto of Manuel María

David Witten (Harvard University): "The Eclectic Piano Music of Manuel M.
	Ponce" (with performed examples)

7:00		Preconcert Lecture:  Ana Lara

8:00	Concert:  University of Kansas Symphony Orchestra, Lied Center 
	Brian Priestman, director

	Postludio				Heras
	La Víspera				Lara
	Huapango				Moncayo
	Sensemayá				Revueltas
	Tuba Concerto (World Premiere)		Barnes
	Symphony No. 4 in F Minor		Tchaikovsky
Saturday, February 15

9:30-10:30 am	Session 3 - Paul R. Laird, chair

Keynote Address:  Gloria Carmona (CENIDIM): "Un fenómeno de transculturación
	en la música mexicana del siglo XIX" (simultaneous translation 

10:45 am-12:15 pm 	Session 4 - Daniel T. Politoske, chair

Aurelio Tello (CENIDIM): "Manuel de Sumaya:  un compositor barroco novohispano"
	(summary translation provided)

Craig H. Russell (California Polytechnic State University): "`Oh, How
	Beautiful!' Sumaya and the Concerted Villancico in Eighteenth-Century 

Paul R. Laird (University of Kansas):  "In Search of the Mexican Villancico"

1:30-2:45 pm		Session 5 - Paul R. Laird, chair

William John Summers (Dartmouth University): "Pietro Metastasio in the
	Wilderness: An Unknown Artaserse in Spanish California"

Ricardo Miranda (CENIDIM): "Afterthoughts on History and Music in Mexico,

3:15-4:45 pm		Session 6 - Walter A. Clark, chair

Enrique Alberto Arias (DePaul University): "Another Mystery from the
	Newberry Library: Medieval Tropes and Two-Part Organa in a Mexican 
	Colonial Source"

G. Grayson Wagstaff (Virginia Commonwealth University): "The Old and New in
	Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Mexican Music"

7:00 pm		Preconcert Lecture:  Walter A. Clark (University of Kansas): 
		"Mexican Guitar Music," Bales Recital Hall

8:00 pm		Concert:  Juan Carlos Laguna, guitar, Bales Recital Hall

Sunday, February 16

9:30-10:30 am	Session 7 - Paul R. Laird, chair

Michael Strasser (University of Illinois): "(Mis)using the Past:  An
	Eighteenth-Century Adaptation of Sixteenth-Century Magnificats at the 
	Puebla Cathedral"

Mark Brill (University of California at Davis): "Carrasco or Mathias?:
	Plagiarism in an Eighteenth-Century Exámen de Oposición from the 
	Oaxaca Cathedral"

10:45 am - 12:30 pm	Session 8: - Daniel T. Politoske, chair

Charles K. Hoag (University of Kansas): "Sensemayá:  A Chant for Killing a

Carol A. Hess (Bowling Green State University): "Silvestre Revueltas in
	Republican Spain:  Music as Political Ritual"

Leonora Saavedra (CENIDIM): "Of Selves and Others:  Recurring Issues of
	Identity and Ethnicity in Twentieth-Century Mexican Music" 

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