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Rhythms of Culture Conference


      *            An International Research             *
      *              Conference on Popular               *
      *           Musics in Latin(o) America             *
      *                                                  *
      *         University of Michigan, Ann Arbor        *
      *                                                  *
      *                 March 21-22, 1997                *

This research conference will draw together musicians, professors,
students, music collectors, and cultural workers from the U.S., Canada,
and Latin America interested in the study of Latino/a popular musics in
the Americas. As we witness emerging interdisciplinary and cultural
studies approaches to this topic, it seems fitting to meet at this
critical juncture and assess the state of the field.  Faculty members,
graduate students, musicians, musical collectors, and cultural workers are
invited to submit proposals for individual papers, panels, and/or

Topics include but are not limited to:

                * Music in the Diaspora
                * Race, Ethnicity, Class and Gender
                * Transnational Movements in Music
                * Dance and the Politics of Performance
                * Music and Memory
                * Folklore, Ritual Musics and Popular Musics
                * Popular Music and the Media
                * Popular Music and Social Movements
                * Nationalism and Music
                * Orality, Historicity and Identity
                * Exploring Methodologies
                * Music and Globalization

        Please submit one page abstracts (three copies)
                postmarked by October 15, 1996 to:

                Rhythms of Culture Conference
                C/O Latino/a Studies Program
                410G Mason Hall
                University of Michigan
                Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1027

    All inquiries should be sent to: