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Rocky Mountain Society for Music Theory, Annual Meeting
Boulder, CO, March 1997


Rocky Mountain Society for Music Theory Fourth Annual Meeting University of Colorado in Boulder March 14-15, 1997
Friday Afternoon March 14 Noon - 2:00 pm: Registration (C 113, conference room) 2:00 - 5:00 pm Tonal Analysis (Music Theater, NB 95) Andrew Fowler: "The Romantic Paradox: Evolving Structural Coherence in Schubert's Fantasies" Joe Brumbaloe (Kansas State University): "Schenker, Schumann and Bach's Solo Violin Sonatas and Partitas" L. Poundie Burstein (Mannes College/Hunter College): "A Glimpse into Mozart's Workshop" Jack Boss (University of Oregon): "Schenkerbergian Analysis" and Hidden Repetition in the Opening Movement of Beethoven's Piano Sonata Op. 10, No. 1" 5:30 - 6:30 pm: Joint Reception SMT/AMS/SEM (Faculty Club) Saturday March 15 8:30 am - Noon Diverse Issues in Twentieth-Century Works (C 199) Nancy Yunhwa Rao (Rutgers University): "Registral Choice, and the Significance of Musical Surface in the Opening of Fourth String Quartet by Schoenberg" Melissa Garmon Roberts (University of Texas): "Nikos Skalkottas' Harmonic Conception As Reflected Through System 12b" Leigh VanHandel (Stanford): "Composition and Collage: Morton Subotnick's The Key to Songs" Amy Bauer (University of Missouri-Kansas City): "A Sense of Order at a Higher Level: the Influence of African Polyphony and Indonesian Gamelan on the recent music of Gyorgy Ligeti" Robert Clifford (University of Arizona): "Textural Contour and the Medial Structural Level in Webern's Op. 11, No. 1" Noon - 2:00pm Lunch (Two Bitts Restaurant or on your own) 2:00 - 3:10 pm Pedagogy, the Past and All That Jazz (C199) Timothy A. Johnson (Mount Holyoke College): "Introducing Diatonic Set Theory into the Music Theory Curriculum" Mary Linklater (Eastman School of Music): "Canonic Treatment of L'homme arme: Intuition or Successful Design?" 3:00 - 3:45 pm performance of vocal/guitar works by Charles Wolzien & Robert Harrison (Grusin Hall) 3:50 - 5:00 pm Pedagogy, the Past and All That Jazz...continued (C199) Steve Lindeman (Brigham Young University): "Miles' Stella: A Comparison in the Light of the Two Quintets" Pandel Collaros (University of Kansas): "Quantitative Melodic Analysis System (Quanti-MAS)" 6:00 - 8:00 pm Dinner / Business Meeting (Orchid Pavilion Restaurant) For information about local arrangements, you may write to Yo Uno at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Tim Smith, Assoc. Prof. Music Theory Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, Az 86011-6040 Voice: (520) 523-8929 FAX: (520) 523-5111 E-mail: