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Foundations of Time Perception
Ghent, March 1997


Symposium: FOUNDATIONS OF TIME PERCEPTION University of Ghent - March 28th 1997
This symposium is the second meeting of the "FWO research society on Foundations of Music Research". These meetings aim to create a platform for interdisciplinary music research at the highest level. Organisation: Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music (IPEM), in collaboration with the group Digital Speech Processing (ELIS) of the University of Ghent. Speakers (All lectures are in English): - Morning Session (10.00-12.00) * Neil P. McAngus Todd (Manchester): "A Sensory-Motor Theory of Rhythm, Time and Timing" * Marilyn Boltz (Haverford, Pennsylvania): "The Processing of Melodic and Temporal Information: Independent or Unified Dimensions?" - Afternoon Session (14.00-16.00) * Leon Van Noorden (Brussels): "Function and Perception of Musical Rhythm" * Peter Desain & Henkjan Honing (Nijmegen): "Computational Models of Beat Induction: The Rule-based Approach" The most recent information about the symposium can be found at the WWW-site: "" Registration is necessary, but free of charge; contact: Dirk Moelants IPEM - Dept. of Art, Music and Theatre Sciences University of Ghent 2, Blandijnberg B-9000 Ghent (Belgium) Tel.: +32 9 264.41.25 Fax: +32 9 264.41.81 E-mail: ************************************************************ Next Meeting: "Foundations of Music Research in Brain Science" June 13th 1997