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Festival Culture in Germany and Europe
London, April 1997


The German History Society and the School of Slavonic and East European
Studies, London University, are organizing a conference on 18-19 April
1997 under the title
Feste feiern wie sie fallen: Festival Culture in Germany and Europe
The programme is divided into three main parts: popular festival culture, urban, court and dynastic festivals, and military festivals. National memory and its ritualised expressions have recently been the focus of new research. Few works, however, have transcended geographical, social and time boundaries. It is the goal of this conference to find new ways of relating national, dynastic, popular etc. festival agendas across the borders of several European countries. The focus will, however, be on Germany and Austria/the Habsburg lands, from the Reformation period to the later twentieth century. Speakers include Robert Scribner, Trevor Johnson, Mack Holt, Christa Mueller, Karl Vocelka, Gillian Bepler, Marion Demossier, Claire Gantet, Scott Dixon, Kate Curry, Christoph Frank, Andrea Sommer-Mathis, Lindsey Hughes, Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly, Laurence Cole, Ute Schneider u.a. Although the programme already stands, we are still looking for possible contributions, especially on military, national, court and monarchical festivals, for a book that will be published after the conference. Not all conference papers will be included, but articles which were not presented as papers in the conference will be considered for publication, so that we shall publish more than mere conference proceedings. Coherence - thematical and intellectual - will be the main criterium for selection of contributions for the planned book. Please submit proposals, comments and requests for programmes and further information to Dr Karin Friedrich School of Slavonic and East European Studies University of London Malet Street Senate House London WC1E 7HU Tel. (44-171) 637-4934 e-mail: or