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Medieval Academy of America, Annual Meeting 1997
Toronto, April 1997


Medieval Academy of America, Annual Meeting 1997 hosted by the Centre for Medieval Studies and the Pontifical Institute for Mediaeval Studies, University of Toronto 17-19 April 1997
Schedule: The Committee on Electronic Resources will conduct a series of hands-on workshops at various times during the meeting. Thursday, 17 April 1:45-3:00 Plenary Session 1 Chair: Joseph Goering John van Engen, University of Notre Dame "Reform in Twelfth- Century Europe: Religion, Revolution, or Repression?" 3:00-3:30 break 3:30-5:15 Concurrent Session I 1. The Centre and its Compass: session in honour of John Leyerle Chair: Brian Merrilees, University of Toronto Paul Szarmach, Western Michigan University [medieval programs over the past 30 years] Helen Damico, University of New Mexico [JL's publications] David Staines, University of Ottawa [JL and publishing] Larry Benson, Harvard University [JL and the Academy] 2. Forgeries and Fakes Chair: Walter Goffart, University of Toronto Constance Bouchard, University of Akron "The Friendly Compliance of Popes: The Forgeries of Montier-en-Der" Dana L. Sample, Hampton University "The Punishment of Forgers in Fourteenth-century France: The Case of Robert of Artois" Alfred Hiatt, University of Cambridge "The Forgeries of John Hardyng" 3. The Reception of Classical Antiquity Chair: Christopher McDonough, University of Toronto Michael Herren, York University and University of Toronto "The Transmission and Reception of Greco-Roman Mythology in Anglo-Saxon England: 670-800" Marvin L. Colker, University of Virginia "An Unpublished History of Troy" Kellie Robertson, Yale University "Virgilian Reed-pipes and Ciceronian Eloquence: Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae" 4. Varieties of Love in the Old Norse World Chair: Theodore M. Andersson, Stanford University Alison Finlay, Birkbeck College, University of London "Rindr vak i mik mundar: Adulterous Love in the Verse of Bjrn Hitd lakappi and Bjrn Brei vikingakappi" Torfi Tulinius, University of Iceland "Literature and Life: Snorri Sturluson's Women" Robin Waugh, University of British Columbia "The Most Misogynist Text ever Written: Yngvildr and Sexual Love in Svarfd la saga" 5:15-6:30 Reception, hosted by the University of Toronto Press 8:00-9:30 Concert: "Songs of Devotion, Love, and Satire from the Court of Alfonso X". Performers will include George Sawa, Judith Cohen, and musicians from Sine Nomine, Ensemble Ben Trobar, and the Traditional Arab Music Ensemble. Friday, 18 April 8:30-10:15 Concurrent Session II 1. Animals in the Medieval Landscape Chair: Nicholas Howe, Ohio State University M. Kulikowski, University of Toronto "The Early Medieval Goat" Laszlo Bartosiewicz, Institute of Archaeological Sciences, Budapest "The Medieval Bestiary: Animal Remains from Urban Sites in Hungary" Richard Hoffmann, York University "New Fisheries in the Medieval Economy and Environment" 2. The Dictionary of Old English: Accomplishments and Prospects I Chair: Joyce Hill, University of Leeds EZZ. G. Stanley, Pembroke College, Oxford "Difficult Abstract Nouns in Old English Verse for The Dictionary of Old English" Mary P. Richards, University of Delaware "The DOE and Old English Legal Terminology" Taro Ishiguro, Keio University, Tokyo "Verbs of Negative Import: An Instance of a Syntactic Study which benefitted from the DOE Project" 3. From Print to Script Chair: David McKitterick, Trinity College, Cambridge Paul Needham, Sotheby's, New York City "Quantifying the Decline of the Manuscript Book" Michael Reeve, Pembroke College, Cambridge "Modestus, scriptor rei militaris" Roger S. Wieck, Pierpont Morgan Library "Books of Hours and the Birth of the Book Trade" 4. Mediterranean Maritime History Chair: Andrew Watson, University of Toronto Martin Malcolm Elbl, Trent University "Majorcan Merchant Shipping in the Fourteenth and Early Fifteenth Centuries: The Influence of Economic Conditions on Fleet Composition" Alan M. Stahl, American Numismatic Society "Venetian Commerce in the Later Middle Ages: Feast or Famine?" John Pryor, University of Sydney "The Construction and Deconstruction of the Byzantine ^? " 10:15-10:45 break 10:45-12:00 Plenary Session 2 Chair: Jenny Jochens Carol Clover, University of California, Berkeley "Sagas and the Adversarial Imagination" 12:00-1:45 lunch 1:45-3:30 Concurrent Session III 1. The Codicology of the Earliest Printed Books Chair: Carin Ruff, University of Toronto Martha Driver, Pace University "Women Printers and the Page, 1477-1541" C. William Marx, University of Wales, Lampeter "Julian Notary, Apprentice and Innovator" Milton McC. Gatch, Union Theological Seminary "Two Bibliographies for Fifteenth-Century Theology: Manuscript vs. Incunabula" 2. The Dictionary of Old English: Accomplishments and Prospects II Chair: Jane Toswell, University of Western Ontario Mary Blockley, University of Texas, Austin "The Irresistible Force, The Immovable Object, and The Dictionary of Old English" Frederick M. Biggs, University of Connecticut "The Exeter Exeter Book: An Evaluation of Some Linguistic Evidence" Sarah Foot, University of Sheffield "Monks and Clerks: the Rhetoric of the English Tenth-century Monastic Revolution" 3. Pathways to Peasants Revisited Chair: Richard Unger, University of British Columbia Maryanne Kowaleski, Fordham University "Peasants and the Sea in Medieval England" John B. Friedman, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign "The Rediscovery of the Lower Classes: Realistic Peasants in Late Medieval English Literature and Flemish Art" George Dameron, Saint Michael's College , Colchester VT "Piety, Priests and Peasants in the Florentine Countryside at the Time of Dante" Commentary: Sabine MacCormack, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton NJ 4. Politics and Scripture Chair: Gerard Caspary, University of California, Berkeley Victoria Jordan, Atlanta GA "Biblical Citation in Support of Post-Conquest Monastic Politics: The Bury De Miraculis sancti Eadmundi" Blake Beattie, University of Louisville "Scripture and Princely Authority at Avignon: A Curial Sermon by Luca Mannelli, O.P. (d. 1362)" Fiona Somerset, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford "Speaking Excitative: The Evaluation of Scriptural Authority in Polemic Writings after Fitzralph" Commentary: Philippe Buc, Stanford University 3:30-4:00 break 4:00-5:30 Plenary Session 3, sponsored by the Fellows Chair: Elizabeth A. R. Brown Herbert Kessler, The Johns Hopkins University "Aspiciens a longe: Medieval Art and the Limits of Vision" 5:30-7:00 Reception 7:00-9:00 Banquet 9:00-9:30 Poculi Ludique Societas: "Johan Johan, his Wyf Tibbe, and Syr Johan the Priest" Saturday, 19 April 8:45-10:30 Concurrent Session IV 1. Charters after the Year 1000: Form and Transformation I Chair: Giles Constable, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton NJ Michel Parisse, Universite' de Paris "Charters and mentalite's: The Evolution of the Written Word in the Eleventh Century" Jacques Pycke, Universite' catholique de Louvain "Episcopal diplomatic of the Province of Rheims from the 10th to the end of the 12th century" Lisa Wolverton, Harvard University "The Role of Charters and the Paradox of Centralized Power in the 11th and 12th- century Czech Lands" 2. Liturgy and Hagiography Chair: Rachel Fulton, University of Chicago L. M. C. Weston, California State University, Fresno "Anglo- Saxon Subjects and Liturgical Time" Carol Symes, Harvard University "Saints and Civic Liturgies in Arras circa 1200" Laura Smoller, Stanford University "Liturgical Time and the Memory of Miracles: Examples from the Canonization of Vincent Ferrer" 3. Mind Chair: Deborah Black, University of Toronto Richard Taylor, Marquette University "Mind and Metaphysics in Averroes" Charlotte Gross, North Carolina State University "Time out of Mind: Augustine's Two Theories of Time" Antonina Harbus, University of Sydney "Vernacular Poetics and Psychology in Anglo-Saxon England" 4. Music, Text, and Context of a Motet by Guillaume de Machaut Chair: Elizabeth Aubrey, University of Iowa Anne Walters Robertson, University of Chicago "Dreux de Hautvilliers, Poet of Reims: The Source of Machaut's Motet 9 Revisited" Margaret Bent, All Souls College, Oxford University "Words and Music in Machaut's Motet 9" James Wimsatt, University of Texas, Austin "The Semiotic Values of Machaut's Motet 9" 10:30-11:00 break 11:00-1:00 Plenary Session 4 Business meeting Presidential Address: John Baldwin, The Johns Hopkins University "The Jongleur in Northern France about 1200" 1:00-2:30 lunch, hosted by the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies 2:30-4:00 Plenary Session 5 (sponsored by CARA) The Medieval Library of the 21st Century Chair: Susanne Roberts 4:00-4:15 break 4:15-6:00 Concurrent Session V 1. Charters after the Year 1000: Form and Transformation II Chair: Brigitte Bedos-Rezak, University of Maryland at College Park James Murray, University of Cincinnati "Notarial Instruments and the Transmission of Vernacular Charters in Medieval Flanders" Gregory Pass, Harvard University "The Golden Bull of Mende, or How the Past Defends itself in the Present (ca. 1300)" To be followed by a panel discussion dealing with both sessions. 2. Committee on Electronic Resources Chair: Hoyt N. Duggan, University of Virginia Larry Benson, Harvard University and Joseph S. Wittig, University of North Carolina "From Print to Useful Data: Constructing Databases of Late Middle English Texts" Gregory F. Rose, University of Mississippi "Computing Bishops: A Quantitative Approach to Disambiguating Episcopal Attestations in 10th Century Anglo-Saxon Royal Charters" 3. Law and Literature Chair: Richard F. Green, University of Western Ontario James H. Landman, University of North Texas "Slip and Fall: Margery Kempe's Legal Negotiations" Maura B. Nolan, Duke University "Words and the Law: Sign, Satire and Form" Emily Steiner, Yale University "A Charter for Poetry: the Textual Communities of Piers Plowman" 4. Medieval Theories of Will Chair: Marilyn McCord Adams, Yale University Stephen Dumont, University of Toronto "Henry of Ghent and Duns Scotus on the Two Affections of Will" Calvin Normore, University of Toronto/UCLA "Olivi's Will" Martin Tweedale, University of Alberta "The Divine Will in Scotus' Theory of Foreknowledge" 5. Varieties of Servitude in the Middle Ages Chair: Susan Mosher Stuard, Haverford College David Pelteret, University of Toronto "Slaves and Serfs in Eleventh-Century England" Carl I. Hammer, Pittsburgh PA "Early-Medieval Bavaria: A Slave Society?" William Jordan, Princeton University "The Limits of Manumission: Northern France in the High Middle Ages" Commentary: Paul Freedman, Vanderbilt University 8:00 - midnight Informal Party and Latin Scrabble Tournament More information on the Medieval Academy of America is available on their home page at