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American Musicological Society, New York State-St Lawrence Chapter
Hamilton, Ontario, April 1997


AMERICAN MUSICOLOGICAL SOCIETY NEW YORK STATE - ST. LAWRENCE CHAPTER SPRING MEETING, 1997 McMaster University, April 5, 1997 _______________________ Program:
9:00- Registration and Coffee 12:00 9:30- Session I - Chair: Susan Fast (McMaster University) 11:45 9:30 The First Musical Edition of the Troubadours -- John Haines (University of Toronto) 10:00 Dance at the Court of Peter I ("the Great," r. 1689-1725) -- Elizabeth Loukine (University of Western Ontario) 10:30 Coffee Break 10:45 The Organic Trope in Musical Studies: A Critical Engagement -- Roseanne Kydd (York University) 11:15 Schubert's Allusions to the Descending Tetrachord -- Su Yin Mak (Eastman School of Music) 11:45 Lunch 12:00- Panel Discussion 1:00 After the Ph.D.: How to Improve Your Chances for Employment -- Facilitator: Debra Lacoste (University of Western Ontario); Panelists: James Deaville (McMaster University), Richard Semmens (University of Western Ontario), John Gather (State University of New York at Buffalo) 1:30- Session II -- Chair: Patricia Debly (Brock University) 3:00 1:30 What I really Wrote About Bach: Shaw and Deconstruction -- Alexander Carpenter (McMaster University) 2:00 Manon's Exposures: Visual Representation in Puccini's "Manon Lescaut" -- Alessandra Campana (Cornell University) 2:30 Stravinsky and Honegger as non-German "Others:" The Aesthetic Impact of Heinrich Strobel's Editorial Policy at "Melos" -- Alexander Colpa (New York University) 3:00 Coffee Break 3:30- Session III -- Chair: to be announced 5:00 3:30 Reinvigorating Opera: Prokofiev's "Love for Three Oranges" and the Use of the "Commedia dell'Arte" -- Michael Pisani (Eastman School of Music) 4:00 "Diabolus Triumphans:" Stravinsky's "Histoire du Soldat" in Weimar and Nazi Germany -- Joan Evans (Wilfrid Laurier University) 4:30 Operatic Images of the Russian Empire: Re-Assessing Glinka's "Ruslan and Liudmila" -- Mary Woodside (University of Guelph) 5:00 Business Meeting